Written by chance meeting

19 Apr 2010

I was in a coastal town last Saturday shopping and when I returned to my car there was an elderly gentleman standing at the side of it.

As I unlocked it he remaked how well kept it was considering its age.

We conversed about the car for a few minutes then he asked if I was on holiday.

I told him I was only there for the weekend and he then asked where I was staying.

I told him I had a static caravan down the coast and he then asked if I was on my own.

I told him I was,then he said that he wondered if I would like to stay at his flat for the weekend.

I asked why and he just said he liked company and he lived alone and that he often had visitors stay with him for a couple of days.

I thought this a bit wierd but told him I might consider it.

He then said I could drive him there and have a look to see if I was interested.

We arrived at his flat and went in, it was very clean and tidy and he aksed if I wanted a drink.

I agreed and he asked tea, coffee or something stronger.

I told him something stronger but if I did I wouldn't be able to drive home.

He said that was O.K. and the next thing I knew I had a large brandy in my hand, and I mean large.

I was half was through the drink when he asked if I wanted to watch some porn on tv so I agreed.

It was on in seconds and was real hard core bi sexual and male female stuff.

I soon had a rock solid erection and looking at him could see he was also aroused.

I thought well he's asked me here for this so I stood up and stood in front of him.

He looked at my bulge and licked his lips so I just unzipped and got my erection out and stood with it inches from his face.

He immediatly took it in his mouth and sucked slow and long strokes.

I lasted about 5 minutes before I shot my cum which he sucked hardand swallowed th lot.

Theres more of this but you get the idea.

I stayed for the full weekend so keep an eye out for the rest