Written by Swinging Doug and Viv

6 Aug 2016

We moved to Chandlers Ford in Hampshire in the late 70s. Only from nearby Eastleigh but it was a real move up. Most people who lived in Eastleigh aspired to live in the ‘up market’ Chandlers Ford.

We originally bought a terraced house off of Southampton Road, opposite the Railway Carriage Works but we made plenty on it, house price inflation had kicked in so we sold it with ease and scrapped together what- ever we could and bought a semi-detached new home.

A few months after moving in we were invited to a party by a friend of my wife. She had met a number of similar aged women when dropping or collecting our daughter at the local school. Parties in those days were either pretentious dinner parties for 2 or 3 couples sitting at the G Plan dining table, using the hostess trolley to serve the food from or house crammed with people so you could barely move. This one was the latter, we managed to squeeze in the front door which was opened by another women that Viv knew.

We fought our way to the kitchen to get a drink, it was as usual rammed. Viv started introducing me to women and so I met their husbands but could not remember their names after a few minutes. The music was blaring out from the stereo system in the lounge and some crazy dancing was happening. It was November and raining so there was nothing happening in the garden which made the house even more crowded.

I eventually met our hostess Marion who was a fairly tall brunette with big tits, they were very evident in the dress she was wearing, floor length but very low cut top. She grabbed an average height guy by the shirt and said meet Graham, my husband and I introduced myself, I’m Doug.

After an hour or so of not really being able to talk to anyone, just shouting greetings and not hearing replies I needed a pee and went to where I assumed the downstairs loo was located by the front door, same as our house. There was a queue and so I headed for the stairs which had couples sitting at least half way up. Some snogging and groping and others talking and greeting me on the way up. When I was a couple of stairs from the top the bathroom door opened and Marion came out pulling a guy by his arm, it was not Graham but a tall fair haired man and they went into the next doorway. I ducked into the bathroom and relieved myself.

When I came out I was almost knocked over by a big women pushing past me into the loo. I hesitated at the top of the stairs and then decided to have a look in the bedroom next to the bathroom. On the bed were two couples at it. Marion was on her back with her long dress bunched up around her waist the tall guy was fucking her hard. The other couple were similarly engaged. The room was only lit by a bed-side lamp so I stood for a short while watching and getting hard. I was aware of another couple coming along the landing and they tried to enter that door, she said no full up let’s try another one and disappeared into another doorway.

I worked my way back downstairs and met Viv in the hallway, she was chatting to a group of people which she tried to introduce me to but most were a bit pissed and it was too noisy to hear much. There were more couples climbing the stairs and also plenty kissing and cuddling wherever they could.

I noticed around midnight that the crowd started to thin out, babysitter problems I guessed. In the lounge there were couples dancing close even though the music was pretty upbeat. Viv said we had better make a move before 1 am, our babysitter was a friend of Viv’s mother who happened to live a couple of roads from us so was happy to stay until then. I then noticed Marion was back in the kitchen carrying on organising drinks and accepted another beer. Viv came up beside me and started talking to Marion, saying its wonderful party, you know so many people. Marion replied I am not sure who many of them are, friends of friends I guess. She then asked, are you staying on later when the crowd has gone. Viv replied, no we have to go soon to relieve the babysitter. Shame, replied Marion, that is when the fun really starts and turned away to answer someone’s question.

We were soon out in the rain and rushing home, I said to Viv ‘it’s a wife swopping party, I saw Marion upstairs at it with a blonde block not Graham’. She replied no don’t be silly they are probably just close friends. I laughed, they were not just kissing they were being a hell of a lot friendlier than that. That’s awful she replied how can I face here now knowing that? It’s disgusting. She was really not happy.

I walked the babysitter home and when I got back the house was in darkness, Viv had gone to bed no hope of nookie tonight. I crept up the stairs and entered our bedroom and to my utter surprised the room was lit by a dozen candles and Viv was laid on the bed propped up on the pillows and wearing a sexy negligee I had not seen for a very long time.

Wow, I said and started undressing rapidly. I crawled onto the bed and Viv uncrossed her legs and opened them wide. I moved between them, pulled aside the flimsy matching knickers and plunged my tongue into her very wet and warm pussy. She came almost immediately and sighed I needed that. I continued to lick and suck Viv’s pussy for a while and then she pulled me by the hair and I grabbed her legs and pulled her off the pillows, climbed on and plunged my stiff cock deep into her.

More to follow……………

Does anyone else have memories of Chandlers Ford, swinging capital of the south of England?