Written by DougandViv

8 Aug 2016

Viv was the most sexually excited that I could recall since our early days of passionate sex when we first met and married. We cuddled up and she asked me exactly what I saw upstairs which I relayed for her and she started wanking my prick, she was so excited it culminated in the best blow job I could ever recall her giving me and swallowing. She insisted on kissing me with the remains of my spunk in her mouth which was really good especially as my dick stayed stiff enough for her to mount me cowgirl style.

We fell asleep eventually and the following morning Viv was rather quiet and I asked her what was wrong. She explained that she was still disgusted to think that she friend was sleeping with other men but had to admit the whole thing made her very excited. When I got home from work on Monday evening Viv reported that Marion had been very relaxed and not embarrassed, she told Viv that ‘you should have stayed on Saturday, we had great fun until well after 3 am’. Viv mentioned babysitter problems and Viv mentioned that next time you need to get someone to have Rachel overnight so you can really party.

The next invite was a couple of weeks later was from Cassie and Bill but it clearly said an intimate Dinner Party and games after. We were very nervous about it but accepted the invitation and arranged for Rachel to stay at Viv’s mother’s house for the night as we explained we would be late home. This seemed to suit everyone, Viv’s mum would spoil Rachel which they both would enjoy.

The Invite said ‘dress – formal’, it was a big thing at the time to dress as if going to a big Dinner Party at a hotel even when it was at home. I wore black trousers an old black velvet jacket and bow tie. Viv wore a fairly short little black dress that was fairly low cut front and down almost to her waist down the back. It is a sensational dress and we have shagged a few times with her wearing the dress as I find it so arousing. She does need a bra with it as her tits are quite pert but she is conscious of people noticing her nipples. I joked that that could be an advantage tonight and that set her off saying we cannot go, I am too nervous. She kept asking do you really want to swop partners, how will it affect us, the way we are together. I said the idea of it seems to have a huge effect on us let’s see what happens. So with her new black underwear and sexy dress off we went to Dinner and ‘games’.