Written by pantypaul

23 Aug 2011

I was in Primark in Manchester the other day, trying on some trousers. The changing room just have a curtain to hide your modesty. I love to dress up under my normal clothes. I took my trousers off, and hung them up. I was stood there in a pair of flesh coloured hold ups and a flesh coloured thong. Then next minute the curtain opened, it was one of the assistants. "Sorry" he said, but he continued to stare at me, especially my stockings. My cock was starting to like the attention as it started to rise in the thong, he noticed this.

He stepped in to the cubicle and stroked my hardening erection. and stroked my clad legs.He got closer and I could feel his cock rubbing in to my leg. I put my hand down and squeezed his cock through his trousers, it was small but very hard. Next minute I was shocked, he turned to me and started to kiss me he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth and his cock was now pinned to my leg. I dont think he had any sex before. I took hold of his young asian face and kissed him gently. Then slowly slid my tongue in to his mouth, he was still rubbing his cock in to me. So I pushed him back to the wall sat on the bench and unzipped him and took out his beautiful small coloured cock. It was about 4 inches hard but looked gorgeous. I took hold of it and stroked it, kissed it then took it all in my mouth. It was nice to have a small one in your mouth, easy to get it all in your mouth. I had my hand on my cock and was wanking it furiously. His hands were now on the back of my head fucking my mouth, then he shot his load in to me, god it tasted good, I made sure I squeezed every last drop out of it.

My cock was now oozing out cum as I wanked it, whilst still getting the last bits from his cock. He put his cock away and walked out of the cubicle. I was sat there in my stockings, thong to one side, drooping cock dripping of spunk. The curtain opened and there stood a asian lad 18 yr old. He stood in side the curtain and got his cock out and came over to me and i took it in my mouth, again not big but nice mouthful. He did not last long and came quickly. Zipped up and left. The first guy must have told his mates and I ended up with 6 lots of cum down my mouth.

This is a true story, I have tried it in other stores but nothing as horny as that one.