Written by Suck2lick

3 May 2008

My wife and I last weekend went to Jersey on a short break. One to get away and two try to spice up things in our life. We arrived at the hotel and at the normal meal time said hello to a few people. There was one guy there on his own who I thought was a bit of a loner but decided to be civil to him. My wife on the other hand was chatting away to him as I returned from the bar.

I thought nothing of this and we then retired and went to bed.We enjoyed the next day visiting tourism spots and to cut a long story short it was evening timeagain and we were in the bar chatting again to others in the hotel. I suggested that we retire which we did and no soon as we were almost in bed there was aknock at the door. My wife eagerly went to the door and to my surprise let the guy in whom she had been chatting with the previous night. She then proceeded to tell me that she had arranged for him to come to the room as I had been on at her that we should have a 3 sum to spice up our sex life.Well she had taken it upon herself to arrange and duly started to kiss and caress this other guy who needed no encouragement.

Within minutes we were all on the bed naked and caressing and fondling Debra for all we were worth. The guy Mike started to perform oral on Debra which she loved. I thought that I would attempt to try my luck on this guy to see if he would let a guy suck his dick. I have been bi curious for some time now and unknown to Debra I have had a couple of meets. Mike let me suck him no problem and the look on Debras face was worth its weight in gold.

We continued our sexual escapade through most of the night sucking, fucking and all you can think a couple of guys can do to a woman.

The following morning there was a few smiles to each other at breakfast and we do hopeto now continue with our new found hobby.