Written by Jason

16 Nov 2009

The ease with which Chas eased his cock into Jan's vagina surprised me: She rarely relaxed enough when we made love to make my entry easy, often using a squeeze of KY to help me in. Clearly, she was ready to take his fairly well-rounded helmet straight in, and I got quite excited watching as his length vanished into her trimmed orifice.

I think Jan felt sorry for Chas; he had been on the fringes of friendship for a couple of years after his wife died, and now that he had installed some additional plugs in the house their conversations had broken down some barriers. That we all three were in the lounge naked was perhaps meeting all our needs - mine to watch Jan being pleasured by another man, hers the need to give out of sympathy, and his to release a sexual tension he must have lived with a long time.

His few thrusts before he came noisily deep inside her verified this need: He made a few more slow movements before his softening cock slipped out, shiny and sticky with his spunk, and I think her own rare bodily juices.

He continued to play with her cunt, slipping two then three fingers inside and working both her clitty and inner sanctum. She had long since closed her eyes and started moving her hips, re-opening her legs...."Oh fuck me please...." Chas was still rather floppy, so I deemed it my duty to oblige....I slipped into her beautifully-prepared cunt in one movement, feeling the warm fluid stickyness Chas had generously deposited. After a few slow thrusts, she started positively writhing...this was new for Jan...then I felt Chas' fingers next to my balls - he was working her bum!!

I had never been allowed to touch her rear entrance (or exit?) but she was going orgasmic with his fingers up her rectum. I didn't last long, and added my hot juice to what was already there....I fucked her rapidly for as long as my cock stayed inside her, but soon slipped out.

Chas was wanking himsel like mad with his free hand ...sensing a great victory he was going to try and take Jan's arse!

Well, he succeeded...restored to full hardness, and lubed with a mixture of spunk, (a lot of which was now leaking from her labia) saliva and KY, his next trick was to enter her ring....slow, easy, some resistance, then the purple head vanished slowly between her bum-cheeks. She started shrieking....pain? Pleasure? Both?

Chas worked slowly in and out, his full length never quite going all the way in, but it was too much for Jan: With one last orgasmic scream she pulled away from him just as he shot his second load! She curled up into the foetal position and started crying. Chas and I looked at each other.....oh, dear, what had we done?

Well, when jan had calmed down, we discovered that she had a mind-blowing orgasm and was a little disorientated for a few moments, but on regaining her composure gave us both a lovely wet passionate kiss. She stopped short of kissing Chas' cock when she remembered where it had been. The rest of the evening was relaxed bliss, with no more fucking but a lot of touching and kissing. Which makes next time something to really look forward to.