Written by Chastity

17 Feb 2016

I'm 31 and married for almost 10 years now. I like sex a lot and have sex with my husband almost every evening about an hour before he leaves for his night shift work. It works for me since I'm then mellow and can easily get to sleep. Plus, it's like insurance so he's not tempted at work. I started thinking about cheating about four years into the marriage when the bloom wore off. I love having sex and it quickly became a highly erotic fantasy of mine to have other men without my husband's knowledge.

As far as I can tell, my husband doesn't know. And if he found out, I'm sure he'd be angry with me, but then I think the typical male fantasy thing would probably come into it and he'd probably think it was hot and want to know the details, or maybe watch. I wouldn't mind that. I think it would be erotic to know he's watching me come with another man's cock in me. Maybe it'll come to that one day.

Over the past almost six years since I started being unfaithful, I've had over two dozen extramarital lovers. Right now I have three regulars, all married. I've found it's better with married ones since they will be discrete and can't bother me much unless I call them. I like to have sex a lot and since schedules with married lovers take a lot of coordination, I'm lucky to get laid on the side when and where I can.

Hubby gets home around 8 in the morning and he usually wakes me with a hard on and we get it on. I like morning sex, so I'm up for it whenever he wants it, which is most mornings. Then he goes to sleep and I'm out and about until mid-afternoon. He likes me to be home when he wakes up. So I'm free to get laid for maybe five hours or so every week day. This is perfect for my married lovers since they usually can take off for an hour or two around lunch time to meet me at a friend's flat or a motel on the highway. I don't care so long as it's got a decent sized bed and he's got a rock hard erection. I can't waste time on a 'non-performer'.

I'm not that wild in bed, but I am enthusiastic and don't mind taking the initiative. The one thing I insist on is lots of oral sex before we fuck. I like to come a few times before he slips his cock in as it makes me hornier for the real thing. The other thing I insist on is a real slow, deliberate initial insertion. I love the feel of a cock when the head first slips between my pussy lips. I like them to pause there for a few seconds as I roll my hips a bit to feel the bulb end slip in and out a few times. Then I wrap my arms and legs around them and pull their hips into me as they slowly slide it up my pussy with an in and out motion until they're fully seated up me. Then I want them to just keep a steady push for a few seconds as my pussy gets used to the feel of their cock filling me. After that introduction, they cn fuck me as hard and fast as they like, so long as I get my comes.

I don't like huge cocks since I've haven't got a huge pussy, but I like them to have a bit of length and girth so I'm pleasantly stretched. Hubby is average sized, so I'm looking for about 6 to 7 inches in length with a bit of heft to it. My average 'liaison' usually lasts at least an hour, sometimes more if he's really into it or I'm especially horny and become a bit aggressive.

I love starting out missionary and then rotate through the other standard positions so I come at least once in each one. I love ending up being fucked from the rear on my hands and knees, and then go absolutely wild if he then pushes me down into a flat prone position and fucks my pussy with his legs outside mine. That seems hit my insides just right and I can come multiple times, usually screaming out my comes in rapid succession. A very good day is when I'm left there laying on my stomach with his cum running out of my pussy and me being too tired to do anything but lie there while he gets dressed.

I'll then get up and slip on my panties without wiping since I love the feel of a pussy full of cum messing my panties as I drive home. When I get home, I'll get naked and lay in bed masturbating with two or three fingers up my pussy with my thumb rubbing my clit and sniffing my cum soaked panties as I wail out a few more comes.

One day, I fell asleep and hubby found me like that when he came home. Luckily, he jumped my bones without paying any attention to my panties lying on the floor and just fucked me like a mad man. I guess he figured my sopping wet pussy was from me masturbating. That was a close call and had me thinking that if he ever did actually figure it out, I would just confess and urge him to participate in a three-some with me and one of my guys. It'll be interesting to see how long I can get away with him not finding out.