Written by Fatbottomedgirl

4 May 2008

Hi there, I started anew job at the beginning of the year as a sex chatline operator, you know the kind of thing, guys ring up for some light relief and wank away contentedly.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I took a call from a very sexy sounding man, in his 30`s and didn`t live too far from me. Oddly enough our chat wasn`t about sex, it was just general stuff and he kept asking me for my telelphone number. It is against company policy for the operators to give out any personal info, but I couldn`t stop him giving me his number. I admit I did hesitate about texting him, but I thought to hell with it.

After a few texts and telephone calls, we arranged a meet. He came to my house as arranged and after a brief chat and a cuppa, we went upstairs to my bedroom. Before his arrival I put on my favourite red undies and opened my toy-box.

Upon reaching my room, we started kissing and exploring each other with our hands, then we started to remove each others clothing. This guy was certainly as sexy as he sounded on the phone!

We lay on the bed and continued kissing and touching each other, and as we all know, one thing leads to another and I just couldn`t wait to feel this guy`s cock in my mouth!

He stood at the side of my bed, and with my head at an angle I began to suck his lovely cock, and while I was sucking him he was fingering my very wet pussy. I couldn`t resist, but while sucking his cock I started fingering his ass, it felt good, and he came in no time. I didn`t want him to cum in my mouth so as soon as I felt his body tense I let his cock slowly slip out of my mouth and slowly wanked him til he came over my tits. I promptly rubbed his spunk all over me and licked my fingers clean.

We kissed some more and then he began sucking on my tits, I was feeling so fucking horny and I needed to be fucked really badly! I felt his hand wander down towards my wet cunt and the he slipped a couple of fingers in, then a third, then a fourth, it felt DAMN GOOD!

While he was fingering me he began to suck on clit, and this sent me over the edge and I came all over his hand and fingers! I love the taste of my own pussy juices and we took it in turns to lick his fingers clean.

I still wanted more! This guy straddled over me and put his cock in my moth and started fucking my face and I fingered his ass again, but I wanted his cock buried in my cunt!

I love riding cock, so I pushed this guy onto his back and promptly slid my soaking wet cunt onto his lovely thick cock. I was in heaven! And what makes me even more horny is being called names, I love being called a whore or slut and any other names that can be thought of.

The more dirty names I get called the hornier I become, and the harder I ride that cock, and grind my hips into him.

I bouncing really hard and fast then sudden I felt him slip a finger into my ass . OH FUCK! That sent me over the edge, and I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out! He came shortly afterwards, deep in my cunt ......... mmmmm what a wonderful feeling!

After a short rest, during which time we chatted about general things, we got dressed and this guy left.

I haven`t worked much on the chatlines over the last few months as i have recently started a `proper job`, but when I have the time, I do log on and have a few `interesting chats`.

I can`t wait for another mad session, I don`t mind if it`s with the same guy or a different one, or with a woman for that matter, I need to satisfy all my needs after all.

I hope you enjoyed the story, I really enjoy sharing my sexploits with you all, and having feedback helps too