Written by phil

8 Sep 2008

The best holiday I ever had was with my wife Sandra, several years ago. We went to the sunny island of Tenerife, and the weather was fantastic. For the whole two weeks we didn't see a drop of rain, or even a single cloud! But it was what happened during the holiday that made it so good.

I am Phil and I am 55 and my wife Sandra is 44,, Watching in her bikini enjoying the sun put the thought my fantasy in my head of seeing her getting screwed by another man. The thought of this happening really turned me on. But these were just fantasies and any chance of her being involved her being with other men, were just that. They would never happen, as long as we were together. I was okay with that. I was madly in love with her, anyone would be She is a great girl.

Sandra is only short, about 5 feet 2 inches tall,, and she is curvy without being chubby and her breasts are voluptuous 36D, but looked even bigger on her short frame. Her hips are accentuated by a sexy waist, and her round bottom stuck out and looked fantastic. She considered herself 'chubby' though and hated her curves, despite me loving them. She has only slept with two men before me, and even then only been in brief relationships with them, so she had never developed any confidence in her body. This all started to change though with our holiday encounter.

On the third night we met two young lads from Manchester Chris and Rob,, they were staying in the same all inclusive hotel as us. So it was cheaper at night to stay there and drink. We were all sat talking and the two lads were cracking jokes,, most of which were blue,, and they would through in the odd compliment to my wife. She seemed to enjoy this as she looked quite please with the banter.

Sandra was being asked to dance by different men including Chris and Rob While dancing I noticed that she had her bottom felt on occasions. Through out the night she never mentioned this so neither did I. As a rule my wife is very shy but after a few drinks she will open up a little. But she is never outrageous and she has never kissed another man on the lips since we have been together.

At one point she got up to go to the toilet,, But she seamed to have gone foe a bit longer than usual. I also noticed that Chris was missing so I went to see if she was ok,, I stood outside the ladies and eventually asked one woman if there was anybody else in there /// as I was looking for my wife. She told me that it was empty,, so I decided to go for a pee and while in there I heard moaning coming from one of the cubicles.

I was the only man in there so I got down on my hands and knees and I saw male and female legs and I heard there toilette seat banging. I was wondering if this could be my shy wife actually getting fucked. So I decided to retreat to the hotel bar and I stood out of sight of our table. A short while later Sandra came back to the bar and sat with Rob She was talking to him and looking around. She must have been looking for me so I stayed out of sight to see if anything would transpire. Next minute Chris retuned to the table and I watched as the two lads kept buying drinks. It was now almost one in the morning,, my wife got up to retire for the night. So did Rob and Chris,, they each took by the arm// They were heading my way so I made a quick retreat to our room,, I herd Sandra’s key in the door as I herd voices saying good night. I nipped into the bedroom so I could jump out and surprise my wife.

But then I herd Chris say come on Sandra just a good night kiss to complete my holiday. No was the reply I am going to bed. My heart was racing I thought god is he going to kiss her. I went out on the balcony when my wife entered the bedroom followed by Chris // Ohh/ Come Sandra just a kiss please ,, please.

Then as I stood there in the darkness I saw Chris lean forward and kiss my wife full on the lips. But to my amazement she did not protest and she actually put her arms around his neck. Chris then said lets just fuck once more// god my heart was thumping (the bastard has already had her). No we can’t Phil might come back. Come on Sandra just once more ,, you didn’t object in the toilet// and you were not worried about Phil then. Next minute there was a thump and the bastard was lying on top of my wife on the bed. looked on as he was kissing my darling wife and his hand was up her skirt. Chris she cried hurry up take me again and fill me once more// I looked on from the darkness as he tore the cloths from my wife’s body and stripped of his on cloth. There they were completely naked laying next to each others feeling each others body’s

Then what I had been waiting for all night finally happened! The kissing stopped and Chris said something to her. I couldn’t hear exactly what my wife said, but it sounded like “hurry up” and Chris eased his body over hers, and lay on top of her. I don’t think he was actually inside her at this point. Her hands were around Chris’s back but their bodies were still, and his head was raised away as if they were speaking but I couldn’t hear what was being said. Then he lifted himself up, and reached between their bodies, down to between Sandra’s legs. I assume he was guiding himself into her, because as he lay himself back down on her, I heard Sandra’s moan out loud, and her hands slipped down and clutched onto his backside.

I couldn’t believe it! My shy, middle aged wife who protested so strongly that there was no way she was going to have sex with anybody else but me was letting another man fuck her. They went back to kissing again and his buttocks started to bunch as he slowly pushed himself into her. It was slow at first, his backside rising and lowering as he made love to her adulteress pussy. It was incredibly intense, watching them // gradually he speeded up, pumping into her with a little more force and her legs wrapped around his back, pulling him in as tight as se could.

Sandra was moaning and breathing very heavily now, and Chris was fucking her more and more urgently when suddenly he rolled off her. I stood back away from the window, I thought I had been seen. They lay the for a few seconds,, god was that it I thought? He had only lasted 10 minutes or so,,, I felt a bit of disappointed that he hadn’t fucked her more. Then again, I suppose I couldn’t blame him for shooting his load so quickly my wife is a very sexuall woman in the troughs’ of making love. As I stood there wondering what to do next, I heard Sandra say “I shouldn’t be doing this.

Doing what? I herd him say// fucking she replied//Then I heard her moan, quite loudly and Chris hushed her, telling her to be quiet to take this//he moaned louder this time// again and I looked up. They hadn’t finished, they were just changing position! She was knelt up now, near the bottom of the bed and I could see her legs and her backside. Chris was stood on the floor at the foot of the bed behind her, fucking her doggy-fashion.

I watched them from where I was, safe in the knowledge that it was darker outside than it was in, so he wouldn’t be able to see me. Although Sandra was trying to be quiet, I could hear her moans and grunts as he shagged her and I could see the shaft of his cock pushing in her as he pulled away and then shoved it back in. I could even hear his balls slapping against her shaven pussy when he speeded up.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen so horny// because my innocent wife was normally so shy and reserved. They kept fucking for a good thirty minutes or so, and Then Chris really started bang it into her. I could tell Sandra was loving it from sexy thing she was saying to him. She even told him she was falling in love with him (which really hurt) the murmurings became louder as he got faster and harder they turned to moans and eventually I heard Sandra try to stifle a cry as she came. I could tell she had cum, because I saw her hand pushing on Chris’s stomach, and her thighs were shaking for a moment.

Then she put her hand back down has slid back onto her again, and he resumed pounding her. The way he was going at her now I could tell he was about to cum, and I wondered if she was going to let him cum inside her. She was on the pill, but I still wondered if she was still going let him shoot in her.

I heard Chris say he was going to cum, and I heard C say “No” to something but Chris. gave Sandra a couple more really hard, fierce pumps which made her moan quite loud, before he pulled out. Only to push his cock back in up to the hilt as he slowly pushed into hard and slow until he had drained every last drop from his wilting cock. I saw his cum and her juice glistening on his cock out over her pussy and down to her bottom.

He stood there for a moment, and then climbed onto the bed and she rolled over next to him as they both lay in each others arms.

My cock was absolutely throbbing, urging me to get it out and let it cum, but I stood there watching their feet for a moment. I could hear low voices and whispers again, and I realised the show was over for now. The voices stopped, and their feet weren’t moving and they drifted off sleep. I stood there,,, with the tingling in my cock as I wanked myself off at what I had just witnessed before I crept out of the room and down to the lounge to sleep on a sofa.

Sandra woke me up sometime later. The sky was beginning to come light, and she told me to come up to bed. I staggered up to the room and got in bed alongside her and I snuggled up close to her I could still smell the aroma on her. I said nothing to her about what I had seen, I was waiting until we came back home //just in case I was lucky enough to witness more happening// which there have been.