Written by shergarsback

23 Dec 2017

So after several encounters with Kellie(my ex wifes best friend) if you haven't read my previous stories, the guilt started to get the better of us and we decided, albeit with massive regret, that we should stay away from one another as much as possible so as to steer clear from any temptation we might have for one another.our cheating affair was like a tornado...we fancied each other like fuck, the sex was unbelievable and dirty, and we just couldn't get enough of each other, but things were getting more dangerous as we took more risks to satisfy our sexual needs for each other.....it had been a month without so much as a kiss, I missed her, I couldn't stop thinking about her, I fantasized and wanked all the time longing for her, she felt the same, she would send me texts saying so, but we had to try to somehow sort things out, there was too much to lose. Arriving home from work, looking forward to the week ahead off work, I was astounded and actually pretty pissed off, when the Mrs announced that she'd told Kellie that I would do some internal decorating for Her on my week off, my protests were met with.....youll be helping her out, she's going through difficult time, and she's got her mother's funeral this week too..is it too much to ask for one of our best friends. It was settled then, I would spend my time off decorating for the woman I've been steering clear of, this was going to be awkward. And awkward it was.....the sexual tension between us was so strong we darent risk hugging each other. Everything seemed surreal between us, false. The day of the funeral, it was a very private affair, close family only. Kellie returned home, I stopped painting and went to put the kettle on, no tea for me she said, I need something stiffer, she said and a large one at that, we both chuckled at the sexual innuendo, and it kinda broke the ice, I joined Kell, for a large brandy. I couldn't help thinking how fucking sexy, and gorgeous she looked, wrong I know in her funeral clothes but she did, short, tight black skirt, sheer tights, a white blouse, which she had now unbuttoned halfway, revealing a black lacy almost see through bra, and knee high black boots. We sat down and Kell said these boots are killing me, you mind helping me out of them she asked, no course not, and I knelt down in front of her unzipping her boot and pulling and tugging to get it off but it wasn't budging, I fell backwards trying and again we burst out laughing. Kneeling down to try again, not very appropriate it is really Kell remarked, I apologized and said no we shouldnt be laughing on a day like today, I said, noo, said Kell that's not what I meant, stretching out her leg and resting the boot on my shoulder, it's not appropriate that all through my mothers funeral, all I could think about was you and me and how I miss it all, I actually sat in the church, thinking and fantazing about having your big hard cock deep inside me, Fucking my soaking wet pussy,.......making me cum over and over like you used to.....its what makes me happy, and I couldn't stop myself thinking about you, with this she stretched out her other leg placing it over my other shoulder, revealing black hold up tights, and nothing else, no underwear, I fantasized so much about you, I had to finger and frig myself in the car on the way home, my knickers were soaked, she placed her hand on my face covering my nose and mouth, that sweet sickly smell of her pussy, engulfed me and with a gasp of excitement, I took each of her fingers into my mouth, one by one sucking them in, and relieving them of that sweet sticky cunt juice, Kell gasped, and I quickly placed my hands on each of her knees and pulled her toward me until her gorgeous arse cheeks hung off the end of the sofa, my hands moved up to her thighs and I forced her skirt upwards and over her arse cheeks, exposing her gorgeous smooth shaven mound, her lips gently parted, glistening with her sweet moist honey, her legs still over my shoulders, I pulled her closer to me, burying my head between her thighs and getting to work on her gorgeous pussy, licking, sucking, probing, and lapping up every drop of her sweetness, she gasped and moaned and groaned, pulling my head into her gushing hole, mmmmmmmmm, I said lapping up her juices, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, FUCK yes, yessssssss, Mmmmmm, she replied, I've missed you sooooo Fucking much she said, I've been longing for your head between my legs again, your tongue in my pussy, Soo Fucking good, the way your tongue commands my cunt and makes me cum over and over, Ohhhh FUCK I can't not have you.....I FUCKING need you, ALWAYS, no one else has or ever will make me feel like this, I'm your BITCH, ALWAYS, say it please, tell me I'm your Fucking bitch, forever......I looked straight into her eyes.....ALWAYS, FOREVER, I said, No-one has ever satisfied me like you do, you excite me, make me feel special,the way you suck my cock, the way you kiss me, bite me, talk dirty to me, Mmmmmm the way you fuck me, I want you always, gasping she pulled me toward her, and released my bulging cock from my pants, gripping it tightly, She started to lick, suck my shaft, my swollen head, wanking me off whilst doing so, mmmmmmm she said, I've missed this Fucking cock,still wanking me off she moved her head downward, her tongue licking and probing, then spreading my arse cheeks, she started to gently kiss, breathe and run her tongue around the opening to my arse, I gasped and groaned, she continued, this time gently sliding a finger into my arse, I jolted but I liked it, her finger slowly moving up and down inside my hole, she continued rimming with her tongue making me gasp loudly, then laying back on the sofa, she pulled me on top of her, and screamed FUCK me, c'mon you Fucking stallion, FUCK yer bitch, hard, fast rough, ram that Fuckin cock right up my cunt, make me scream, wrapping her boots around me I gave her t my hard throbbing length hard fast, her pussy gushing, her body trembling, we gasped, and moaned and groaned and screamed, then she went on her knees turning her back to me, and leaning up against the back of the couch, she gripped

My cock and directed my swollen head to the opening of her arse, gently pushing back into me, FUCK my arse she begged, give it to me, make me Fucking scream she shouted, c'mon baby, c'mon, she urged, as inch by inch I slowly pushed my solid throbbing cock into her tight hole Ohhh FUCK yeah, Mmmmm yes, ohhhhhhh yes, she shouted louder, fuck my arse, c'mon baby, give it me, hard, fast deep, ram that Fuckin cock up my dirtbox Ohhh FUCK yes Ohhh FUCK yes yes Yessssss, she let out an almighty scream, her body shaking uncontrollably, she turned to face me demanding I stand up in front of her, and she took my throbbing muscle into her mouth mmmmmmmm she said, sucking, slurping, licking, wanking, taking every inch of me deep into her throat, give me your load she shouted shoot yet fuckin spunk down my throat she said, wanking me and licking my swollen head, gasping, moaning groaning, it wasn't long til my cock started to spasm, mmmmmmmm c'mon baby, she said excitedly, give me your Fucking seed, and with one almighty roar released my big thick salty load straight down Kellys throat, stream after stream, she swallowed, mmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm, oh fuck yeah, she said, and sucked every last single drop out of my swollen head and feasted on it, before we both collapsed exhausted into each others arms, satisfied, shaking breathless and well and truly fucked. This pussy, belongs to you, she said whenever you want it, no other man will ever have there cock up my arse.... Only you......Im your bitch always, she said.