Written by Fun_

14 Jul 2014

So me and my gf split up about 6 months ago. The last two months we have been seeing eachother again and starting a fresh. She told me she was going to stop having sex with her fuck buddy who she's had since she became single.

Last night when we were drunk, she revealed to me she fucked him 3 weeks ago. She told me it was drunk sex on his mums sofa while the mum was asleep. He did her up the arse, bareback without lube somehow???!!!

Before cumming inside her arse.

Most of all, she admitted she loved every minute of it.

So basically , she's cheated on me. This guy has since moved to Australia. She has joined a new department at work where she said she fancies another bloke and knows he fancies her. She said he's really muscley and has a good body. She said there's a 50 50 chance of her fucking him, and said she will probably at least snog him on the team night out next week.

She's not even asking me this, she is telling me. I have turned her in to a little slut!!! I've told her she can fuck anyone as long as she tells me !!! I'm

Just worried she will start seeing this guy and leave me because she will be working with him.....