Written by stephmale

14 Jun 2011

Tracey is 37, mother of 2, & a size 12. Recently she has put abit of weight on, so has started to go to the gym. I was fine with this as i could watch the footie at night in peace.

A few weeks into the gym i noticed some changes in her appearance. She always got her make-up on for going to the gym!As i had my suspicions (as she does like abit of cock & luvs blowjobs) i checked her panties whilst she was in the shower & sure enough they were wet & stinking of spunk. I didnt confront her as it made me very horny.

She goes to the gym 3 times a week & sure enough 3 pairs of spunky panties:-). I decided to try & catch her out, so i joined the indoor football in the same gym on a friday night, one of the nights she doesnt go to the gym.

On my second week there, while changing after the footie i heard 2 lads talking about the blonde they had shagged in the gym changing rooms last night. Could this be my wife they were talking about. The description they gave, it certainly sounded like her. They couldnt wait for a repeat performance on Monday coming, I knew I had to be there. All weekend I got a horn thinking of what was coming on Monday.

Monday night came & of Tracey went to the gym all made up. I waited for awile & they followed her to the gym. I made my way to the changing rooms, having seen her working out on the machines.Half an hour later I heard her talking in the corridor & saying she was going for a shower to be told the ladies showers were out of order & she had to use the mens changing rooms. Result. I hid out of sight as she came in,sat on the bench & stripped of her tracksuit. The 2 lads came in & locked the door & said "let the fun begin".

I looked on as my wife took their cocks out & started wanking them. One lad, Jim has a massive cock about 10 inches long & wide. I thought theres no way she can handle that - was i wrong!. She sucked him as his friend Stan licked her pussy. What a sight. After a few minutes Jim said fuck her so she will be ready for this monster. Stans cock was about 8 inches. She straddled Stan & eased his cock all the way into her soaking pussy. The noises from her fanny as Stan banged her were incredibly horny. I took my cock out & banged one out while watching this wonderful sight unfold in front of me.

Stan shot his load & said "shes well oiled for you now Jim". Jim placed his monster at the entrance & pushed it in inch by inch.Fuck, here was my wife getting hammered by a monster cock & loving it, obviously she had this in her before because she was unfazed by the size.

Jim fucked her in all positions while Stan got her to wank his cock back to life again. The sight of her bent doggy style & Jims cock banging her was amazing. Stan fucked her mouth at this stage. I was in awe & pretty proud of how she handled herself.Strange feeling really. The 2 boys emptied their loads in her and asked whens next? She said tomorrow. With that the 2 boys tidied themselves & left the changing rooms.

Tracey turned the shower on so i decided i would slip out when i saw the door opening & the caretaker walk in. Interesting i thought so i kept quiet in my hiding place. He watched her shower while rubbing his cock. The caretaker them coughed to get her attention. She turned round & smiled as he asked had she enjoyed herself! "Sure did" was her reply. "We are all alone" he said,"and the doors are locked". Was she going to shag this old boy - he was old enough to be her father. With that she knealt in front of him & took his cock out of his shorts. There she was giving an old boy about seventy a blowjob as he squeezed her tits. He got her up & made her bend over the bench & he fucked her at a furious speed. Then he slipped a finger up her backside & then two fingers. She never let me do this. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it around her butt and them slipped it right up her. Fuck what a sight! After a couple of minutes he shot his load & eased his cock out of her bum. For as long as i live i will never forget the next sight. He offered his cock to her to clean & she sucked him again, after it been up her arse. After a minute or so he told her to get changed & he would let her out.

As she changed i slipped out of the changing rooms & made my way to the exit quietly only to be nabbed by the caretaker who wanted to know what i was still doing there.

I explained that i had heard of some girl that liked to be fucked & had wanted to watch.

He said that if i was in the park tomorrow dinnertime at the toilets i could see a slut in action who loved cock in all holes. I left the gym in a very confused state, horny & excited but not mad. The next day could come quick enough