Written by Liz

12 Oct 2012

Thank you gents for your randy comments,

Apologies for typos, (it read "the chainsaw stopped and so did my hear,) it should have read heart! And the other typo was not saying who my hubby thinks I look like (just think sexy 1980s and gravy)

Well my dilemma was whether or not to call my sons mate and get fucked by him, and whether or not to tell my hubby about my impromptu blow job.

You naughty men seem to think I should tell hubby and called sons mate.

Well the choice was taken out of my hands. Brian has a mate who has a classic vehicle, we’ve known him years, about the same age as Bri, a real good laugh, cant say i ever thought about him in a sexual way.

Brian and he spend ages doing nothing to the project, and then ages working doing something.

One night last week while at Bobs, he got the shock of his life. Bob started to question Bri about the stag night our son went on. Bri said he was not sure where they went but did not think it was Butlins and Bri said he thinks the lads dressed up as Spice Girls. When asked what all the interest was , Bob asked if he really wanted to know.

Bri said he got a bit pissy, and said yes of course what’s he done, that Dean is a bloody hothead, what had he heard. Thinking that something kicked off on the Stag do.

Bob said come let’s have a beer, they went inside, Bob went to his laptop and went straight to the Swingingheaven stories.

Read that mate, You are Bri, your Mrs is Liz, you’ve got a couple kids in their 20s, Liz is a nurse, a looker, has great tits, and your boy knocks around with Dean who’s just been on a stag night.

Read it mate is that her or not, were you using a chainsaw last week by any chance?

Because if you were mate Deans been using his Chopper on Liz, Lucky bugger!

Bri said he was fuming, and wanted to leave, he tried to make out it was just coincidence and he was not sawing last week, and it was not butlins anyway.

Out of the Blue Bob said tell Liz to go careful, he said that he thought that Dean had already had his legover with our daughter, it was none of his business but too close to home and when pissed Dean was a loose cannon.

Talking of cannons, if it an extra cock you want for Liz how about this and pulled his tracksuit bottoms down to reveal a fucking huge cock.

Brian relaxed, and told Bob he he'd love a mate or anyone to fuck her, but never managed to persuade, said between you and I that story’s sounds like us, I cant believe Liz never changed names places etc. Brian said he was gutted but straining to get his cock out of his pants at the same time.

We can both fuck her Bri, you and Dean can’t do that; it will be all over the village before the spunk is dry.

We could really fuck her hard get her truly spit roasted, she wants it mate, read that, she’s fucking gagging.

Bob asked Bri to call her get her round his and sort it out, he rang &I asked but I told him to bugger off, & if he needed picking up, she'll get one of the kids to do it.

So him and bob stated watching porn their wanking our cocks, after a while he was so randy, he left before he done something he regretted, he never went into greater detail (The kinky bugger)

So when he came in I was in bed, he was downstairs a few minutes, then he came up, with our laptop and leads and the mouse because the old sod cannot scroll,

I was reading, but he set up the laptop and while he was letting it start up, he stripped and his cock was definitely hard, our kids out I asked. Don’t know he replied. Right then slut you have some explaining to do, I nearly fainted, Bri never speaks like that. swingingheaven, stories, ring any fucking bells.

Oh fuck I went beetroot I was trying to hide, sucked Deano off you dirty bitch swallowed the lot, read it, you fucking whore... I t was you, want it, wasn’t it, Yes and I started to cry

But Bri was not angry, he was wanking his cock, READ IT LIZ, I am bob, I’m sorry, right let’s get you fucked and he pulled the bed clothes away, and made me read the story to him, and just shoved his hard cock right up my wet pussy, it was so fucking erotic, I do not know if our kids heard our not but I was on fucking heat. I am sorry Liz, but Dean was a one-off, Bob knows all about it, and he is going to fuck you, but you have to call him and invite him, I said you will call him Saturday night when the kids are out. I started to protest, but he got his phone out of discarded trousers, still fucking me like no tomorrow and holding on to my hair for purchase, call Bob he grunted and started dialling Bobs number

“Bri here, here’s Liz”, he handed me the phone, tell him you want him to fuck your ass Saturday night.9.00pm, No I said,no way “Fucking do it!” he said, and I just felt juices run from my cunt, so he made me speak to bob and I begged him to come and fuck me. I’ll be round now he said, but I had to be really strict with him and said it was Saturday with Brian here or not at all. I switched off Bri’s phone and threw it on the floor, now finish fucking me, which he did but unusually we fucked, sucked and fingered each other nearly all night. And Saturday can’t come quick enough but I am as nervous as a schoolgirl.

But I am still tempted to text Deano,just in case.