Written by Andrea

18 Nov 2009

Hi again and thanks to all who have commented so far .Hubbys sister will appear but all in good time lol.

Any way I had just agreed to go to Mcdees and while walking there I found out his name was Trevor.We walked in and he asked what would I like I asked for a tea and he showed me to a corner table and went for our order.

While he was at the counter I was watching him thinking normally I would not have looked twice at him I mean he must be as old as my dad but even as I thought this I could feel myself getting wet at what he had done to me.

Trevor came and sat down next to me and said I am sure you must have some questions to ask me with a big smile on his face .Yes how did you know that I would not scream when you first touched me .

I didnt he said but why dont you take your bra off while I am on a roll as he put his hand on my pussy.I looked at him and started to undo my bra .Good girl put it in my pocket he said .

As I put it in his pocket he grabbed my hand and put it on his groin ,I could feel a nice bulge and started to stroke it though his trousers. Get it out he said ,I cant not hear I said .Its ok no one will see unless they come right over he said so I undid his trousers and started to wank him under the table .After a couple of minutes he told me to stop and he tidied himself up and we carried on finishing our drinks when we had finished he told me to follow him upstairs .

When we got up there he told me to go into the gents with him as we went in he told me to get on my knees I went to go in the cubicle but he said no here undoing his trousers in the middle of the floor .But what if someone comes in I stammered even as I got on the floor ,Who cares he said suck me now I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him as fast as I could just dreading someone walking in but at the same time so horny at how dirty it all was.

After abit he pulled me to my feet and took me into a cubicle now Andrea he said would you like me to fuck you ,Yes I said he laughed and told me to say it a bit louder. Please fuck me I shouted, good girl he said as he shoved his cock straight in and started to fuck me hard and fast .I was biting my hand trying not to make a noise but he pulled it away and told me to let it out .

I was calling him all the names I could think off not believing how good he was compared to blokes my age that I had previously been with including my hubby lol.

I must of been in there about 15 minutes before I felt him come he pulled out and told me to clean him off so I got on my knees and started to suck him .Thats good he said pulling me to my feet ,as we opened the door there must of been 5 blokes standing there .

Enjoyed the show Trevor said walking me past as we got outside he kissed me and said what did you think of that .That was the most embarrising moment of my life when I saw all those blokes I replied ,he laughed and said dont worry now undo a couple of buttons of your blouse before we leave please I undid the top 2 and he shook his head and undid the 3rd one thats better he said .

As I walked down the stairs I could feel my breast bouncing around with no bra on and all these people were looking and I could just imagine what they must of been thinking .

When we got outside Trevor pushed me against the wall and we must of stayed there for 10 minutes just kissing. when Trevor let me go he said so do I get your number then oh I suppose so I laughed giving it to him .See you soon he said giving me a smile and walking away as he turned the corner I felt someone give me a push .

I looked round and there was my sister in law Linda ,What the hell are you playing at you slut ,I looked at her in shock do you know what my friends are saying in there pointing back into McDees. I shook my head and she smacked me round the face My friend reckons he heard you being fucked in the gents she screamed at me.

I just stood there and she grabbed my arm and dragged me into her car .Right we are going to my house and you can FFfing explain this she said .

More to follow