Written by andrea

26 Jan 2011

Hi been a while since I posted but to catch up I got fucked in mcdee by trevor and caught by my sister in law who has decided I am her sex toy or my husband will find out .

This was a Saturday afternoon and there was a knock on the door when I opened it there was Linda hi she says giving me a full on kiss .No I say mike is in the front room ,good she says get your knickers off and join us in the front room .I went up stairs and removed my knickers when I went in the front room Linda was sitting next to her brother leaving me no choice but to sit oppersit them .

As we were talking Linda caught my eye and motioned me to open my legs I did as told aware they both could see my pusssy I felt my self getting wet at the thought after about 5 minutes mike got up and called me into the kitchen .

What are you doing he said my sister is watching you ,sorry I said I wasn't aware I was doing it .ok he said but much as I love the view try to control yourself,ok I said .he laughed the dyke is probley loving it thou.

I went back in and after about 10th minutes Linda caught my eye and motioned to open my legs again I shook my head and she tapped her phone with my pictures on .I opened my legs again and saw the expression on mike s face .close your legs dear Linda said there's a draught I shut my legs going red as she said to mike very nice view thou.That's as near as your getting he laughed Andrew is strickly into men ,what a shame Linda laughed never know what she is missing .

Anyway Linda said I am off now pick you up later Andrew,what's this Mike asked looking at me .Don't say you forgot last weekend going clubbing.Sorry mike do you mind I ask him ,no that's ok he says I am off to the pub now behave yourself and get some underwater on he laughed.

Dont worry on my account Linda said ,very funny he laughed catch you later he said walking out the door.

As his car pulled away I looked at Linda did I have to do that in front of him .Yes she said strip now I took my clothes off and she lifted her skirt and sat back on the settee get your mouth on this she said pulling her pusssy lips apart.

I got on my knees and started to lick her out oh that is good you little slut she said are you going to have a good night later. I stop to look at her and she smacksme around the face you stop when I say and not before she says .after 10th minutes she tells me to get up stairs she follows me up and pushes me onto the bed right time to shave you she says ,No I don't do that I say you do now she says I love a smooth pussy and I am sure my darling brother will .I watch as she gets her scissors out and starts to cut my pusssy hair when she finishes she tells me to shut my eyes ,I do as told and feel her round my pusssy .Right finished she says come here I get up look in the mirror she says I look and there in bold red writing is the word slut just above my pussy.

No what about mike I ask you have two choices you can have a headache until it wears off or say its a surprise and if he likes it I may put a permanent one in its place .

I am off now pick you up at 7 don't wear to much you only have to take it off again. see ya she says walking out the door .My hubby comes back and being a bit tipsy starts joking about me flashing his sister in the front room as he's talking I can see him getting aroused I kneel in front of. him did you like that I asked fondling his cock thou his trousers he nods his head no tell me I say pulling away yes he said I did .What you like the idea of me showing your sister my cunt yes he says .I take his cock in my mouth and suck it for a bit tell me again how much you enjoyed it I ask.I love it he said sitting there watching your pusssy knowing my dyke of a sister could as well .I stand up and start to undress as I get to my knickers I ask if he likes having a slut for a wife he nods his head and I slide my knickers off he looks at me stark naked with slut staring at him it goes really quiet then he suddenly grabs me bends me over the settee .Oh you slut he says and shoved his cock straight up me ,you whore slag he calls grabbing my hair and pulling it after about 10minutes he shoots up me he stays in me telling me he loves me over and over .

We sit down and talk and I tell him I did get horny exposing my self and felt like doing something wild hence the shave and slut stunt he says he knows he probley shouldn't but got turned on after a few drinks sense all the dirty talk. We agreed to try some more roll play and I got ready for my night out .

Linda turned up at 7 and I kissed mike goodbye he grinned as I left ,Mike was in a good mood Linda says yes I reply where are we going my house she says remember Greg yes I say remembering the 18 year old who fucked me a while ago well its his birthday and guess what his present is

More to follow