Written by Davelee

15 Dec 2009

We had gone to a fantasy for lovers party at our friends house and it ended up with me fucking Michelle in font of our two friends and their wives on the living room floor. Following this the party kind of died off and Mark went up to bed with his wife and the other MArk and his wife stayed downstairs with us.

Not long after MArks wife went upstairs leaving Chelle and me and Mark chatting and drinking, which we did for about half an hour or so. We then went upstairs to see what was happening, if anything.

When we went into the main bedroom MArk was lying in bed alone covered by a sheet appearing to be asleep.

Chelle had a white basque stocking and suspenders on but had left her knickers off after me fucking her.

It would appear that the two girls had gone off on their own somewhere and left Mark alone. For a laugh Chelle got into bed behind MArk and began to play with his cock under the covers, now MArk has got a large prick around 8" or so and it is also very thick, I had watched Chelle fuck MArk previously and you can read about this if you search on Chelle. You will also see some other things she has got up to as well.

Chelle was now wanking MArk and you could see the outine of his cock hardening under the sheet.

MArk was groaning now and he quickly turned over pinning Michelle under him roughly grabbing het tits and releasing them from her basque, biting and roughly jerking her nipples. Chelle was now telling him to stop as he was going to far and was hurting her. She kept shouting at him to stop when suddenly she just went quiet and gave a very large oooohhhhh!

We pulled back the sheet to see MArks big prick lodged inside Michelles pussy stretching it wide open as he began to pound into her. There was no finess just staright forward hard fucking with Michelle begining to moan out loud. We watched as his prick covered in Chelles juices forced itself inside her pushing all the way in looking like it would split her pussy, only to come straight back out covered in girly slime.

He began to fuck her faster and faster, just grunting and fucking as Chelle began to shout she was going to come. MArk fucked into her harder and harder as his cock began to convulse as he began to unload jets of hot sperm inside Michelle, just as Michelle began to shoot jets of girly come over Marks already slimy cock. He jerked his cock as it unloaded more and more sperm inside her as Chelle came noisily against his cock.

We could se his cock convulsing as it shot deep into her and then he lay still on top of her as Chelle began to calm down.

MArk pulled out his cock which was covered in spunk and girly come and huge wad of sperm shot out of Michelles pussy and ran down her arse.

As MArk got off the other MArk looked at me and I gave him a nod to get in there and he literally dived onto Chelle shoving his prick up her. He gave it about 15 hard thrust and shot another load into my wife who could not come off again that quickly and as Mark continued to shoot up her she rubbed frantically at her clit to try and come again but to no avail.

As MArk got off another lump of sperm shot out of her pussy down her arse and onto the bed.

I quickly pushed my prick into her and began to bang her hard. I knew I would not last long having seen what had just happened and Mark pushed his fingers into Chelles arse which was well lubricated with spunk. This got Michelle over the edge and she began to have a mega orgasm as she bucked and squirmed beneath me coming and shooting girly jets of come onto my cock and balls as I shot another load of spunk up her well used cunt. The volume was nowhere near what the guys had pumped into her but I had a fantastic come as I shot up her.

I pulled out my prck which was covered in sperm and love juice and looked at Chelle wide open cunt dripping with spunk onto the bed.

What a site she looked my mega slut wife who just loves cock especially when she has had a few drinks.

We have been together over 25 years now and this happened about 24 years ago and was her second time of fucking MArk. She has fucked him now 5 times all in a couple of years just after we were married and just before we were married, however she has had many opportunities to fuck other guys.

With her being in her forties now she has taken a liking to screwing youngers guys ideally at least a couple at a time, but she only does this when she has had a few drinks with the more that she drinks usually equalling the dirtier she becomes.

Checkout Chelle or Michelle and you will see some of the things we have got up to and I will be detailing some more in the near future.

Heres to all you wife-watchers out there.