Written by Davelee

2 Dec 2009

Michelle went out at the weekend on her xmas doo.

Apparently it turned out to be a meal and a club where her boss was playing.

Now Chelle had always said he was a bit of a wanker, but I did not believe that was what she thought of him. As this guy was younger than her by about 10 years(Chelle is 47, big 44" DD tits after having 2 kids with a pussy to match) and she loves younger guys we have shared several stories on here just check Chelle or Tracey and you will see what she has been up to, and she loves to fuck youger guys!

Following the meal and the do, Chelle and her boss ended up smooching toether in the club where he had been playing and one thing led to another and Simon soon had his hands inside my wifes top playing with her tits and nipples as they danced, this turns Chelle on massively and Simon could tell this and asked her to go with him to the room where their stuff was stored and they had got changed.

As soon as they got inside the small rom Simon had Michelles tits out of her top and was sucking on her nipples. She had his cock out and dropped to her knees to take him in her mouth.

What she had not realised was that SImon had aranged with the other members of his band to come into the room and the first thing Michelle knew was when her tits were being felt from behind!

She looked around and saw three pricks standing to attention and wanting to be serviced. At this time she told me she had a choice to either fuck off or get fucked thankfully she chose to get fucked and one of the guys slipped her knickers to one side whilst she was sucking Simon and stuck his cock up her an began to fuck her!

Apparently he lasted about 2 mins and shot a wad of spunk up he unprotected cunt, to be followed by another prick which jammed inside her for a few short thrust and shot another load of spunk up her unprotected cunt.

She felt someone jabbing at her pussy lips whch were dripping two lots of semen by now and it felt like a cumcumber pushing at her slit.

Now Michelle has had two kids, loves to be fisted and can take two cocks at the same time, but this prick was very fat. She could feel him stretchiung her cunt very wide until he pushed all the way and Chelle came on his cock because it hurt but made her come and she shot her juices out over his balls.


She then said he built up a rythm but did not feel like he was going to come.

He began to rub her clit as one of the guys roughly shoved 3 fingers into her arse and roughly wanked her arse as she startes to come.

She shot a load of girly juice out over the last guy as he bucked and his cock jerked hard inside her, as his sperm invaded my wifes cunt and womb.

She knew she was not on the pill and hoped he had not impregnated her and as she told me later as I added my cock to her well swollen cunt, if she was now pregnant I would have to father the child as my own.

When she got to bed her cunt was massively stretched and full of spunk and she said the guys did not finish with her after this after the guy had shot his load up he willing pussy.

There is a part two if anyone would like to know as she went on to another club and another do with the guys that incorporated her being used by another three guys that both fucked her cunt and her arse making her a total come slut, but I enjoyed listening to what happened and am prepared to share with you if you sre interested?