Written by ricktheprick69

12 Jun 2007

Having been to Chelsea for the weekend I came home to be greeted by the neighbour telling me the alarm had been activated while I was away.

She had checked the house and couldn't see anything and had taken a friend of hers from work round the garden. She thought it was fantastic and very secluded. Her friend wanted to buy the house and I said How Much. Dont know she replied didnt ask. What do you mean - I should slap your arse for that. She went all coy and blushed slightly

On looking down at her she had a tracksuit bottom on and a thin lightweight T shirt. Clearly visible through the T shirt were a pair of nipples - poking out and getting bigger all the time we talked about slapping arses and punishment for not getting a price. Even the swollen camels foot could be seen pressing against the crutch of her tracksuit

I need to teach you how to sell a house and I escorted her into the back garden which is very secluded with mature hedges on all sides.

Once in the back garden she grabbed hold of a rising dick and said Well if your spanking me I sure as hell am sucking you off first and down she went. Beautiful mouth round my knob end, sucking greedily and to be fair not wasting time in getting a full load of spunk to chew on as I undressed her.

She is slim and very trim; well presented and shaved which is a credit to a woman of her age. I slapped her arse several times until there was moisture round her cunt then I laid her on the grass and proceeded to lick and suck a rising clit. I moved my way around to a 69 to deafen the noise of her grunts and panting to prevent any of the other neighbours visiting to check us out.

She wasnt long before she climaxed and a jet of liquid squirted across my face; mmmm fucking wonderful.

As she had been sucking me I was ready again to shag her from behind as her preference and she wanted to go home with swollen lips and a cunt full of cum for her partner to eat.

Ever willing to oblige I proceeded to slam my knob into her; with gasps on both sides and really light little screams as she came again.

Getting up she pulled up her tracksuit; put her top back on and said Must go hubbies only walking the dog. Will arrange another viewing next week.

I got a salty kiss on the lips for my trouble and watched her swing her arse as she disappeared up the garden path.

Ho hum - house up for sale again.