Written by davidbailey35mm

18 Jul 2012

I was just scanning over the sights when I saw I had an email from a guy local to me, he said he would like to dom me and I figured its about time I tried it, I have read about it enough, He explained that he only had a short time as he had an appointment and could I be at his place in 10 mins,I said I would try.

I grabbed my coat and was out of the door at work and drove to his place and I made it in just over 10 mins,from the outside it looked good, detached in good condition so I made my way to the front door, rang the bell and waited. it seemed like ages and I thought maybe I had missed him but then I heard a noise and the door open and there stood the guy in his dressing gown,he beckoned me in and I removed my boots before following him into the bedroom,

He said, ok lets have a look at you and I proceeded to strip, aint it funny some times you just cant get a hard on and this was one of them.I pulled my t shirt off, dropped my jeans and shorts and he removed his dressing gown, He had an impressive hard on and he said , come over here and get on your knees, I did as I was told,he slipped his hard cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me, I almost gagged, bearing in mind I havent had much practise but I continued to suck his cock.

He then said stand up and bend over the back , he slipped his finger up my arse, it was tight, I said have you got any lube and he said yes, he lubed his finger and kept inserting into my hole, when he was satisfied he put a rubber on and lubed it and tried to shove up my arse, I dont know how people can think this is great, fuck it hurt, he carried on until finally he had all his cock up me and he was going like a jack hammer, the pain subsided and there was a bit of pleasure but I guess it is an aquired feeling, he lasted about 5 mins and I could tell he was filling the rubber up and he slowly withdrew , he said the bathroom is over there to clean yourself. I cleaned myself, got dressed and said thank you for the experience and I left. May be we can repeat this when he has more time and I can fuck his arse as well, we shall see.....