Written by mark

13 Jan 2015

Over Xmas me and the wife Emily had a rare night out in town, as we don't go out very often we were quite pissed by some 10.30. We bumped in to a couple of my old mates Neil and Darren that we hadn't seen for ages, so we had a few drinks with them. As I was talking to Darren Neil was talking to Emily and you could tell they were flirting with each other.

At midnight I was ready to get a taxi, Darren had just left as his wife had picked him up and Neil had nipped to the toilet. Emily then told me Neil said to her he would love to fuck her and has she told me this she was giggling which told me she wanted it, so I said go for it.

Neil came back to our table and sat with Emily, so I nipped to the loo, when I came back they were kissing and Emily was rubbing his cock through his jeans. As I got back to the table Neil was rubbing her pussy through her leggings. As I sat down they stopped and Emily said shall we get a taxi.

We ordered a taxi but has to wait 20 mins so Emily and Neil went down an alleyway next to the taxi rank. Emily leaned against the wall whilst Neil put his hand down her leggings and started fingering her. After a couple of minutes she came on his fingers and came back up to the main road for the taxi

I will let you know about the taxi ride and when we got home if anybody is interested.