Written by mark

14 Jan 2015

All three of us got into the back of the taxi and Emily put her jacket in her lap, I reached under to finger her but Neil had beat me to it. We both had a finger in her whilst Emily rubbed our cocks through our jeans. This carried on for 10 minutes until we got to our house.

Emily ran up the drive and unlocked the door and waited in the hall way for us both. As we walked in she put her arms around me and started kissing me as Neil moved behind her and started groping her tits. She turned to him and took off her top and pulled down her leggings. They now started kissing as Emily unfastened her bra. Neil went straight down and started sucking her nipples whilst I pulled down her thong and got between her legs and licked her pussy. Emily stopped us both told us to get undressed and come in to the living room. Emily sat on the sofa whilst we stood in front of her, she took turns in sucking our cocks then demanded to be fucked. Neil sat down and Emily got on top of him and rode him. I stood behind her watching her arse bounce up and down and seeing another cock in her. She started cumming loudly which set Neil off just after. Emily then got off and sat down and said to me your turn. Straight away I stuck my cock in and could feel neils cum and her juices which tipped me over the edge and I came within a couple of minutes. Emily got up and went to the bathroom and that's when I thought it would end.

10 minutes later Emily walked back in and said are you guys ready to go again as I have always wanted 2 cocks at once. She wanked and sucked both oc us back to hardness and straddled Neil again and told me to fuck her arse. I got behind her and put a finger in her arse then two but she said just put your cock in, so I did. She immediately started moaning and then Cuming, I think Neil came just after then i could hold back anymore and came up her arse.

We were all knackered and Emily decided Neil should stop the night on the sofa which I another great story as well if your still interested.