Written by katedavid

1 Nov 2011

After spending last Friday night with P in the New forest we arranged to meet up the following Friday evening at Canary Wharf. God it was so warm how crazy a heat wave at the end of September … I had dressed down for the stuffy journey across London in shorts and strapless top, P came straight from work and sporting a broken metatarsal sustained through footie. We checked in and upgraded to a waterfront room on the 7th floor overlooking the lit banking offices containing the last of the die hard city workers. I slid out of my shorts exposing my frilly black Knicks and strapless bra with my hands pressed against the cold glass of the window P spooned up behind me rubbing his erect cock into the lacy fabric, squeezing my breasts through the bra and kissing my neck passionately. I could feel my pussy juice trickle into my knickers the warm droplets soaking into its cotton fabric.

Turning around my back to the open window I watched like a hungry child as he slipped out of his clothes and exposed his delicious body, the smooth chest he has just melts any resolve I may have for playing hard to get. reaching around I unfasten the clasps of my bra and it falls to the floor exposing my plump round breasts P is across the room and his face is buried between the warm orbs of flesh. his mouth scouting out my nipples one at a time and sucking the the whole blossom and bud into his mouth while the other is played with my his rough fingertips. pressing his hot warm naked chest against my pert nipples he kisses my neck and then mouth. I immediately begin to buckle legs weak and pussy throbbing. Using his hands he slides down my knickers and buries his face in my hot snatch. Using that skilful tongue to play with wet swollen pussy lips and toying with a very prominent clit I have to steady myself against the cold window pressing plump arse cheeks up against it.

Being of a generous nature and not wanting his foot to hurt I suggested he sits in the large armchair and I slide between his spread legs and using a hand guide his cock into my awaiting mouth I bare down on it with gusto I love the way it feels in my mouth the curve of its head pressed against the inside of my warm cheek. Sucking its hardness into my mouth and toying with its pre cum dripping tip. What a site for any of the suited and booted boys that may have been watching. Me naked on hands and knees head in the lap over the very sexy P while he fucked my slutty mouth. I have just had a very naughty thought just imagine if one of the guys in the office was watching and decided to wank?!

Noshing on his cock and stroking his balls I could feel my pussy in need of some attention so I climbed up on the chair and straddled his dick, my god it felt good sliding it deep inside me kissing his lips I softly rode up and down his stiffening shaft. I could feel the dampness of my juices collecting on the base of his cock and ball sack. Fastening my pace I could feel another orgasm building up. Lets move it to the floor where i can straddle you properly I say and moving off the chair I move to the centre of the room pulling the curtain across the window.

P lays flat and holds his cock up for me to squat down on..It feels amazing his stiff cock twitching, my pussy exposed and he can look up and watch each inch of his cock sliding deep into my pussy as the lips wrap tightly around his glistening shaft we are both so very close to cumming and so I slow my bounces right down extending ever last thrust to a slow and body tingling crescendo of a joint orgasm. Standing up I feel his cum flood from my pussy and gush down on his cock we giggle like naughty children.

Dressed in my favourite red dress with red satin Bra, matching thong and white stockings underneath…. we dress for drinks and dinner. We find our self in the bars teaming with the young city bankers all suited and booted sharing a bottle of fizz and watching the world go by we leave about midnight and pause a while by the wire railings of the dock. P leans in and kisses me long and hard my arms around his neck his body and stiffening cock pressed against me one hand feeling my suspender straps through the dress fabric. One word….Bed.

I know we fell asleep after another very naughty session and I awoke to P spooning me with his hot body pressed into my naked back, turning over and kissing softly I touched his cock laying still barely awake his fingers parting my pussy lips and making my slit wet before sliding up above me and pressing his morning wood deep inside me…. there’s something sexy about morning sex rubbing my well fucked juicy pussy into another orgasmic explosion he soon followed suit by emptying his balls deep inside me. We were up and out of the hotel by 7.30am and while I was in a queue at the shops at Paddington I suddenly felt a wetness trickle out of my pussy into the lace fabric and through it and begin sliding down my inner thigh. How very very naughty this married wife with her lovers cum dripping out of her pussy an hour after he had shot it in there. Sneaking to the loos at Paddington I just had to take a snap