Written by Andy

4 Sep 2017

I am a forty four year old married white guy. I work an a development consultant, often overseas. I am reasonably fit for my age, quite well endowed and very highly sexed. I also like both guys and girls.

Recently, I was in Somalia for ten days. Quite a hard place to work. I managed to get in a couple of bottles of whisky to help the time flow. I was staying in the best and most highly protected hotel in Mogadishu. There were some chines soldiers staying there, they had been bought over as extra security for the ambassador and were at the end of their tour and had a few days to rest before they went back. They were all very fit, as they would be, muscular and quite sexy. I do not normally go for oriental types, but feeling horny and seeing these fit guys took my interest.

One of them a bit younger than the rest was especially sexy, we greeted each other often, and he smiled when we saw each other. On the second night they were there I saw the guy alone drinking coffee, and I asked if I could sit with him, his English was excellent. We chatted and he told me that they had been there for six weeks, but were going back due to the security risk being lowered. I found out that he was single and in the end we were flirting outrageously. He said being a soldier he had to be in charge and he enjoyed that, saying that some people liked it ( giving a sexy smile). I said that I always liked a controlling man in uniform. After about an hour I said that I had some whisky would he like to try some, he agreed and we got into the lift to the third floor where my room was. In the lift I stroked his crutch and he seem very big, he let me asking if I liked and I said of course

Once to the door and into the room, he pushed me back against the wall and held my face in his hand and roughly and deeply kissed me, and hand his other hand up my shirt and was pulling, hard, on my nipples I was instantly hard. He stopped kissing and told me to take my clothes off, then smacked my face hard and said do what I tell you immediately. I stripped and he took his shirt off and he had a ducking sexy muscular body. He took his shoes off and hit my face again and told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I did as I was told unzipping his trousers and a huge cock sprang out and I started to lick and then to suck, he held my head and started to face fuck me, I was gagging but he kept going soon I was used to it and he fucked my face for what seemed like ages before selling up and depositing his cum in my throating

He then took his shoes and trousers off, then put his army shoes back on and made me kiss them. He told me to get onto the bed and took ages in pinching and pulling my nipples, kissing me and then pulling my cock and balls hard. He told me to get up and bend over he had taken his belt off and then belted my arse very hard, I was screaming I said stop but he went harder, then he toiled me to lay on the edge of the bed with my legs on the floor and apart, he then belted my balls three times fuck it hurt, but also was a turn on. He smiled and said you are an obedient whore. We then kissed and cuddled, I was then pulled to the edge of the bed, he had piled my arse and his huge cock with baby oil I had on the side table and then slowly started to enter my arse he was so big it felt like he would split me in two, slowly into my arse after quite a time he was ball deep and had rusted to let me get used to him, then he started to fuck and he fucked me like I was a fuck toy, he was so rough and almost animalistic in his fucking I was wanking away and came way before he did, he had my legs on his shoulders, he pulled my nipples and slapped my face after an age he came inside me, crying loudly as he came. We rested but not for long he then bend me over and entered me again using his belt round my neck to get more force as his cock stretched my arse again.

After the second fuck, he had me on the floor with his shoes foot on my balls and wanked over me and came over my face, then pushing me away with is shoe. He then went into the bathroom showered and dressed and said we will meet again, he then left.

He was there a further two days and we had sex each day sometimes more than once, equally as rough and demanding as the first. Never knew his name. But I will remember the sex for ever