Written by Lucky Husband

18 Mar 2013

This is a totally true story of an event that occurred with my ex about 15 years ago, one of many times we had fun. I have changed my ex’s name purely for the sake of , well you know.

We were having a drink in our local pub one Friday evening when one of Debbie’s old boyfriends came in. I got on well with him and had always liked the guy so it was no issue when he joined us at our table and we enjoyed our drink and a chat. After about half an hour Brian got up and went for a pee at which point Debbie leaned across the table and told me that she didn’t know I had not noticed what was happening. Within a minute of sitting down Brian had slipped his hand up Debbie’s thigh and up under her skirt. She hadn’t said anything because she didn’t think anything else would happen but when she said nothing, Brian was obviously encouraged because after a pause he had slipped his hand into her knickers and had proceeded to rub her clit and finger fuck her while I sat there totally unaware that my wife was fast approaching a orgasm.

Debbie had hardly finished telling me when Brain returned from the loo and plonked himself back down next to my wife. This time I was much more aware and the expression on Debbie’s face told me his had was working magic on her pussy within seconds, as now instead of trying to hide it from me she was doing her best to let me know every sensation she was feeling without Brian realizing that I knew exactly what he was doing under the table.

It didn’t take long to finish our drinks and Debbie asked Brian if he wanted to come back for a chinese,, he agreed and we phoned an order in from the pub and all started the walk home. Debbie suggested I go via the chinese while she go home with Brian and get plates ready. I knew it was going to be more than plates she would be getting ready but my cock was too hard for me to argue. I went for the takeaway and arrived at our house about ten minutes after Debbie and her ex boyfriend. I crept in through the backdoor and peered around the lounge door, sure enough, Debbie was sprawled on the sofa, her skirt up around her waist and her knickers around her knees. Brian was beside her and was pumping three fingers into my wife’s very wet pussy. She was gripping the sofa hard and about to cum. I didn’t want to miss her first orgasm so I eased into the room and she looked up at me as she plunged over the edge and gripped Brian’s hand hard to ensure his fingers stayed deep inside her as she ground her way through her waves of pleasure.

Brian was really embarrassed and tried to leave but I reassured him and we shook hands, A wet hand I might add. We had a very quick chinese before Debbie demanded round two and this time Brian and I undressed her together. Within a minute he was tasting the pussy he had just ben fingering although I had no doubt he knew the taste of her vey well. I was kneeling on the sofa pumping my cock into her mouth and I am sorry to say lasted only 30 seconds before I pumped my load down her throat. Brian kept on with his tonguing and I sat back to watch as he gave Debbie her second orgasm.

As she came down from her orgasm Brian pushed his cock between her pussy lips and with a look to me to make sure I didn’t mind he pushed deep inside her and fucked her harder than I had probably ever done. He wasn’t particularly big but he made up for that with really hard thrusts. My cock was hard in a few minutes as I watched my wife get fucked in a number of positions, he fucked her doggy, at which point I fucked her mouth and deposited another load of my cum down her throat and they just continued as I sat back to watch again. She ended up on top, riding his cock but he still didn’t cum though and Debbie ground her way through a third orgasm before Brian and I stood in front of her, his cock hard and mine still a bit soft but showing signs of life again. She sucked on both cocks before she eventually took Brian’s cock to the back of her throat and he unloaded his first load of spunk into her mouth.

I won’t say the rest of the evening was a blur because I can remember it clearly as Brian and I fucked Debbie in every position we could think of and she had several more orgasms. In the end Debbie ended up sleeping between myself and Brian in our bed and was fucked as often as either of us could manage and when we didn’t have the energy she was happy using her vibrator to turn us on again.