Written by m4u_1

9 Apr 2012

Hi everyone here what happened last night.we had an arrangement to meet with a man in the woods in hampsteads wildwood location .and guess what .to his loss he cancelled ha.what a wanker.anyway we then drove to chiswick up by the bandstand by the river...firstly let me describe how she was dressed.stilletos a reall tight skimpy pair of pink knickers.a white polka dot low cut mini dress.and a black overcoat.big tits that don't need a bra and are real .she has a waxed juicy wet pussy.and loves a big cock..so there we are when a silver car pulls up.i flash my light and he comes and watches her while she starts slurping and sucking my big fat cock.he undoes his zip and gets his cock out and starts wanking.sorry to say but yet again .another small cock.we give him a show but no contact.he wanks and that was that .she liked it coz she likes to tease so that was fine.then as he leaves a BMW pulls up .same again.i flash the ok light.he comes and watches her perform .this time he is watching her arse and pussy.threw the window.while am getting sucked.i say am going to open window in a minute so sit down and let him reach in and finger you.as I reach down between her legs I realise how wet she is .so I tell her to finger herself first.he watches all this as I squeeze her nipples .then I open her window and he reaches in and helps me fondle her other tit .then his hand slides between her legs.and he slides his finger up her .she has by this time got her knickers by her knees and his cock and balls are getting stroked and so are mine .now he leans up and dangles his not bad but not big cock in her face .she then sucks his cock for about ten minutes .spitting on it .stroking his balls. then she tells him to come on her tits when he is coming .

Straight away he said am gonna cum and splashes his load over her big tits .he says thanks and leaves .she cleans up with wet wipes .then we go over to the bandstand for a smoke .she sits down while I stand and we smoke I then am still really randy .get my really big cock out .and put it in her mouth and start to get a lovely blow job when a car pulls up and a man slowly discreetly sidles up to us .i allow him over close and he watches her suck me off .he opens his trousers and yes he pulls out a big fat cock it was huge. I knew she would be happy .and yes as you can imagine .she starts to suck him off .and she does for about five mins when he can't hold out any longer he came and true to form she swallowed his every drop ... So that's that .now till next Sunday night can't wait . I love outdoor stranger big cock sex x