Written by Delighted husband

27 Sep 2008

My wife and I have been swingers for a number of years and we have visited clubs, aprties and entertained couples at uor house. My wife has a separate section of the wardrobe with clothes she wears for these occasions. Anyone who takes their wife to a sex party will know she will spend hours working out what to wear even though the point of going is that she will not be wearing clothes. However as my wife says, she wants to feel sexy and part of the fun is getting ready in the house/hotel in the company of her husband knowing she is dressing to have sex with another man.

The common denominator is that she always wears stockings, usually black but occasionaly white - other than that the remainder of the outfit depends on mood and location/type of party.

My wife is middle aged but successfully attracts man in the 20s and 30s on a regula basis - presumably becauuse she is blond, a size 10 with 34D tits adn loves giving oral sex and having sex with more than one man at the same time. She will also go to a playroom/bedroom with a man/men on her own - as long as I am in the same building our \"rule\" is that she can have as much sex as she wants with whoever she wants and as often as she ants at the venue we are attending. She is also turned on by me having sex with other women and has often sat watching me shagging a lady, sometimes playing with herself, before going off with a man to have sex herself ( naturally the sight of a lady playing with herself at a sex party will encourage men to approach her for sex and if she likes the man she will have sex with him.

On the question of clothes the first dilemma is long/short skirt. She usually wears short if feeling slutty or knows the venue and long on first meetings or first time at a venue. We go to France regularly and attend clubs there - she always wears long skirts there as do most of the females - often the couples go for dinner and then onto a club at about midnight so dressing \"normally\" is needed - we find swinging in France more mainsteam than in UK. Here the only question is the top - she usually wears somthing that shows off her cleavage but that she could wear in a restaurant. It seems to work as she has had many lovers in France.

In the UK the top is much more of a problem and i have witnessed up to ten tops being put on and discarded before going out for a meeting. She never wears a bra for sex meetings so the top is very important. She has breasts that are still firm and not sagging at all as well as having large brown nipples that she loves men and women to suck. The effect different tops has is also interesting.

At one party at a house we regularly attended she went in a short black skirt and a black see-through top. She also wore a light coat over this which she kept on at the beginnig of the party and as she relaxed she discarded the coat so all the guests could view her nipples quite clearly. In no time she was having sex with a young single man they really fancied each other and arranged to meet at thenext party at the house the following month and it was agreed with me that she would be his partner for the evening. For this special event (only time she has done this) she got me to buy her a new top - for me this was a great sexual experience, taking my wife out to buy new clothes to wear for another man who I knew was going to have sex with her all night. She chose a low cut top which just covered her nipples an whn we went to the party I had a hard-on all the way there- when we arrived the young man came over to us and I went to chat to a couple we know while she chatted to her new lover. I noticed after about five minutes chatting he had his hand on her nipple and she did not object at all. She went upstairs with him with one of her nipples clearly showing - this was great for me, especially as when we are not \"playing\" she is a very respectable lady who no-one would suspect has a sexual desire to shag lots of men, and I also love to see her with other man as it is so out of \"normal\" character. Sharing her in bed is a normal part of our marriage and it works really well.

They had sex upstairs with her only wearing stockings but the top clearly worked as it got the man to want to play with her straight away - they were the first in bed and she told me later that he had shagged her four or five times as well as sharing her with two other men who also shagged her, believing her to be the young man\'s partner.

At another party she wore a top that showed off her cleavage and a crochet top over it. Until midnight we just chatted to other couples and men and then she went to the bathroom, took off her top andput it in her bag. She reappeared wearing only the crochet top with her nipples poking through the holes. She rejoind the smal group of couples chatting but within five munites one of the man was puting his hand up her skirt - his wife seeing this rubbed up next to me. In no time at all I witnesses my wife going to a room with him and when I followed with the other man\'s wife about three minutes later I saw my wife facing the wall with both hands on the wall supporting herself. Her short black skirt was round her waist and her top was still on but the man was shagging her from behind, playing with her tits through the top - before I got onto the bed with his wife he had already cum in my wife. As I was starting to undress the lady I noticed another man take the place of the first man - my wife did not even look who it was and she just let him fuck her in the same position. I saw her cum twice before he shot his spunk in her. She loves that top!!!

We rcently had a couplestay for the weekend and on the Friday she wore a \"normal\" top - the man has had sex with her for the last six years so he knows exactly what she looks like in bed. We had a fantastic nighyts sex though with her only in stockings - he fucked her from behind, on top and from the side in our lounge whilst I fucked his wife. I came twice with his wife and after a break he started with my wife again saying he wanted to cum on her tits. She lay back and opened her legs, playing with herself to get him hard nd his wife got out her rabbit dildo. She sucked my wife\'s cunt to get her really wet and then pushed the dildo up her cunt. Her husband and myself positioned ourselves near her face and she sucked us off in turn. She than wanked us both and then told us to cum on her. We both eanked over her face whilst his wife continued to wank her with the dildo. We both shot spunk on her tits and his wife licked it - normally my wife and his do not swallow spunk except from their respective husband but both wives make an exception - my wife always swallows his spunk when we meet and so his wife licking both our spunk was not surprising. My wife also dipped her finger into the spunk and tasted it - a cocktail of cum she said. I said you swallowed more of his so she scooped up some more and swallowed that and said \"I think that was yours - it tastes the same as his.\" I said next time we meet she is tobe blindfolded and we will each cum in her mouth in turn and she has to guess whose spunk it is - she agreed only if his wife would do the same later in the evening - she also agreed, so next time will be new fun.

The following evening was different in that another couple joined us for a 6sum. That evening my wife wore a short black skirt and greeted our guests with a see-through black top. All during dinner the men could not take their eyes off her tits. She was positioned between the two men at the tabl and I saw that both had their hands up her skirt quite often during the meal. After the meal they both fucked her at the same time whislt I and the ladies cleared the dinner plates etc and then engaged in a 3sum. By the time e statred undressing for ex my wife was on her kneees sucking off one of the men with the other up her cunt. She had discarded her skirt but she still wore her top - the men insited on that as they found it more sexy. That night her cunt was sucked by all 5 of us ( all 3 ladies are bisexual) and all three men fucked her at least once. I fucked both of the other ladies which was nice, especially as I started by having one sit on my face and the other on my cock after sucking it. When I got round to looking at my wife she already had spunk on her tits and one man was fucking her with her legs over his shoulders. It was a great night\'s sex, all started by her choice of clothes.

She is out at the moment geting her nails done and yesterday she had her hair done ready for tonight. We are going to a local club (invitation only club) where all attendees are full swingers. For me the fun has already started - in bed this morning I felt her tits and she said - \"Later - I want a few other men to play with today before your turn\". She will spend an hour later deciding what to wear as this is the first time at the club - she will wear black stockings, no bra or knickers, hopefully a short skirt and a low cut top. However she may decide ona long skirt with a not too revealing top. Nevertheless I fully expect several men to fuck her tonight (she has had 10 men in one night at the best party we ever went to last year). I hope she meets a man she wants to invite to our house because if that happens she will wear much less. We normally invite couples so a seethrough top is as far as she has gone before, but if we invite a single man I would love her to wear only stockings with a topless basque and greet the man at the door like that. I live in hope.