Written by Chris

29 Apr 2007

We were shocked when our friend Ian was sent to prison with a 5 year jail sentence. It was his first offence and he even pleaded guilty !. Anyway my wife and I said we would visit him once every 2 months and stand by him.

Chrissy, my wife is 38 with a nice size 10 to 12 figure, 36C tits and good legs. She has always had a soft spot for Ian and teased him when ever we visited him. She used to tell him that she was sitting without any panties on and watched him squirm in his seat knowing she had made him hard and that he could not get up. He phoned us last month and told us he was to be moved to an open prison and that we could take him out for the day if we wanted. I said to Chrissy, now your in trouble as he can move around and you have teased him for the past 2 years. She just laughed and said that she would carry on teasing him anyway. A visit was arranged and we had to get up at 5 in the morning so that we would be on time. Chrissy said she would have a quick bath before we left and she would call me to shave her pussy after she had washed her hair. When I entered the bathroom she went on all fours and I slowly shaved the little hairs around her bottom and then moved onto her pussy lips, taking the opportunity to feel her, god was she wet!. Onto her front now so that she was completely hairless and smooth.

As it was going to be a hot day she put on her uplift white bra, pink cotton top and black cotton short skirt. The tiny white panties were a bonus and so we set off.

When we got to the prison Ian was waiting and he jumped into the car. I asked him were did he want to go and he suggested the Bowling Alley as he was not allowed into any pub. We drove to the alley and went in with Ian saying how nice Chrissy looked. After 2 games I noticed her shoe lace had come undone and she sat down and put her foot on the seat to re tie it. This gave us both a direct look up her skirt and onto her white cotton panties. Ian stood transfixed by this as her panties had moulded themselves along her pussy lines and we could clearly see the outline of her lips. She stood back up and with a smile said, you see I can still tease you both.

After the game we then drove onto the coast and parked up next to a beach access and walked onto the sands. It was quite windy and the wind caused her skirt to blow up revealing her bottom and G string pants. As we were following her Ian said that he was going to come in his pants if she kept teasing him. She laughed and said OK I think you deserve a quick look and looked around checking that no one else was around. She lifted her skirt and showed us her panties from the front parting her legs slightly. Well what do you think she said ?. We can see you are as randy as us as we can see the outline of your pussy lips I said. She looked down and stroked along her groove just to tease us more. Ian said, come on and give me a proper look I am about to explode. OK she said but not here, in the car. We went back to the car and she got in the back. Ian looked a bit lost so I told him to get in the back with her and I went round to sit in the drivers seat and looked into the back. She snuggled up to Ian with her back to him and said that he could take her bra off and stroke her tits to start with, which he did. Fucking hell he said, these are lovely. Both her nipples were hard and he lifted her top for better access.

After a couple of minutes of Ian fondling her I reached back and lifted her skirt and said, look what I did this morning. She took his hand off her tits and put it into her knickers saying yes he made a nice job of shaving me don’t you agree?. His fingers slipping into her and began to wank her off which made her squirm.

Take your panties off I said and she lifted her bottom and let me remove her knickers revealing Ians hand well between her lips. Ive been teasing you for years Chrissy said so now I will show you what you ve been missing. She moved round and sat with her back to the door behind me to give Ian a proper look at her shaven pussy. He played with it for some time and she asked him to taste it. After he had been down there for a minute or two Chrissy asked him to show her his cock and he knelt up and lowered his tracksuit bottoms. His cock was slightly smaller than mine but just as thick with a longer foreskin and was rock hard. She bent down and began wanking and sucking him but within seconds he said he was coming which he did, all over her hands and bare legs making a real mess. Ian apologised for coming too quick but Chrissy said that it was her fault for teasing him. I thought the show was over so I got a towel out of the boot and got in the back of the car with them to help her wipe up. She said that she needed to come as well and that Ian could watch. She moved so her back was against me and parted her legs and I told Ian to look closely at her pussy as it turned inside out when she came. I slipped her top over her head so she was now naked for the first time in front of another man. I opened her legs further so that he could see her pink pussy and began to slowly rub her clit with my right hand and squeeze her tits with the other. She reached behind her and squeezed my cock and arched her back and Ian stroked her inner thighs. She soon began to buck against me, I,m coming, I,m coming she said and forced her pussy up and onto my hand. Ian had his face inches from her pussy when she spurted a stream of come. Fucking hell he said that was great..

I slowly stoked her breasts while she recovered and invited him to lick her pussy but she said she would be too sensitive and needed a rest. She bent forwards and kissed his cock and put it back in his track suit bottoms. After getting dressed we drove Ian back but Chrissy stayed in the back of the car and let Ian stroke her pussy. Before we dropped him off she let him put one finger in her pussy and showed him how she could squeeze it with her pussy muscles, telling him that next time we visited he would be allowed to fuck her shaven cunt. I bet he cant wait.