Written by sing-and-swing

24 Mar 2013

My Husband and I had managed our work Christmas meals out so they happened on the same night. But we had picked restaurants at opposite ends of the same town. We both got dressed up, me in a skirt and a tight low cut white top with a pair of patterned tights and him in a nice pair of thin trousers and a loose fitting shirt.

We kissed each other goodbye and went our separate ways.

My work is a mixed bunch of fairly average people who I get on well with but he works in an office with four women and I new it was just him and them going for a meal. After a couple of drinks, my mind was wandering from the conversation and back on him (more specifically his cock) and I decided to play I naughty game… I took out my phone and texted him ‘drunk already and thinking about sucking u very hard xx’. I knew it would cause an instant reaction in him and I was right as seconds later came the reply ‘Also drunk and now trying to conceal a massive hard on! Xx’. The thought of him sitting at a table with a massive hard on underneath as he tried to make idle conversation with four women just drove me wild and I could feel the wet spot appearing in my panties as my juices started to flow. More texts arrived from him ‘You are very naughty tonight! Keep that feeling for later…..x’ followed by ‘My mind is totally not on the conversation now – all I can think about is the taste of your wet pussy as I lick you later….xxx’. On reading this my knees went weak and I think I came a little at the thought. I did my best to hide my aroused state as I texted back him ‘I am really drunk, I would do ANYTHING you wanted…..xx’. I knew this would tip him over the edge and I was so wet imagining the precum leaking from his hard cock as he tried to hide it from the others. The meal came and I calmed down a little – after we ate we decided to go to a bar further into town. I again texted him ‘I am going to ………., come find me. Xx’. Ten minutes after we arrived at the crowded bar I saw him and his colleagues arrive. He scanned the bar for me, gave me a cheeky smile and then headed for the other side! The bastard was going to make me wait for it! We spent the next hour or so chatting in separate groups but exchanging glances across the bar. At one point he walked over to me and brushed past me, making sure to press his big hard cock against my arse as he did, just making me wetter and wanting him more.

Finally, what felt like an age later I felt him take my hand, pull me towards him and whisper in my ear that we had to go now…. I knew it had all been too much for him at this stage and he could not contain himself any more.

We ran out of the bar and set off on the short walk home. Before we had travelled a few streets he pulled me into a dark alley and embraced me in a deep passionate kiss, running his hands all over my body and lifting my short skirt to place his hands between my legs. I let him just get a feel of my wetness before I pulled away to tease him further ‘ not here’ I said ‘ lets get home’. He whimpered a little at my teasing and we set off at a very fast walk home.

As soon as we were in the door we were all over each other – his hands again lifted my skirt and this time I let him get the full feel of how truly wet I was. He lifted my top an pulled my breasts out of my bra – sucking each nipple long and hard before pushing me down on the sofa. His cock was straining at his trousers – looking so huge and inviting. He unbuttoned himself and it sprang out – looking harder than I had ever seen it and glistening with tasty precum. I licked my lips then took my first taste – just the tip of my tongue on his slit like I know he likes before taking his hard cock deep into my hot willing mouth. He let out a groan and thrust himself further in – holding the back of my head and telling me what a little whore I am. Next he lifted me back to my feet and bent me over, lifting my skirt and tracing the outline of my pussy lips with his hand. I knew he was becoming a****listic now as he ripped my tights down to my knees – making my pussy gush a little with fresh juice. He pulled my panties to the side and I stood there bent over – shivering in anticipation as he just stared into my open wet pussy. ‘Whatever I want?’ he said to me. ‘Yes’ I whispered back a my mind raced in sexual excitement about what he had in mind. He leaned forward and pushed his fingers deep inside me but as he did, he did something he has never done before – I felt his tongue meet my tight little arsehole – forcing it apart as he stuck it inside me – my knees buckled and he had to hold me up as he explored my virgin arse with is tongue – I was in heaven as he pushed his fingers in and out of me, rubbed my swollen clit and tongued my arse. In seconds I was cumming so hard, barely able to stand as he sent waves of pleasure through me. All I could think about now was feeling his big hard cock in me and I begged him to take my tights off, lay me down and fuck me. ‘No’ he said ‘you are my slut and I will fuck you my way!’. I could not resist and he removed his fingers and placed his big swollen cock head against my soaking pussy lips. I tried to push back on him and he pulled away, teasing me one last time before thrusting so hard and deep into me it almost took my breath away. He grabbed my hips and pulled me deeper onto him, thrusting so hard as I was bucking back onto him. I thought I couldn't take any more when I felt him spit right onto my arsehole – my body tensed as the thought of what he was about to do sent a wave of extra pleasure through me. He slowed a little and I felt his fingers working there way gently into my arse. OMG – the pleasure as he began fucking me deep and hard once more whilst fingering my arse – like nothing I have ever felt. Before I knew what was happening I was cumming harder than I ever have, uncontrollable multiple orgasms that caused him to have to hold me up – my legs had given way as my pussy gushed and gushed. I screamed with pleasure as I felt him tighten and empty his huge hot load deep inside my willing pussy. We both collapsed in a heap on the sofa with his cock still inside me. Breathing heavily as he kissed me and simply said ‘I love it when you are a total slut.’