Written by Stevejane

27 Dec 2011

Steve often puts ads on sites without my knowledge, and this he did this week , we are both of work for the xmas and new year and for a change we have the house to our selves.

We were sat lounging around yesterday afternoon , I noticed steve messing around with his phone but thought nothing of it, Then he announced that he was going for a drink and suggested whilst he was out that i put on my new sexy underwear for when he came back .

I popped in the shower then put on some hold ups red basque matching thong, make up and lippy and I was ready for Steves return and looking forward to a sexy afternoon.

It was about 2 o'clock when i heard the front door open and close then Steve came in the living room not on his own but with two very good looking guys,this is Mark and Gav , they came across and kissed my cheek whilst steve went and got us all a drink. After an hour of some general and some sexy chat Steve suggested that I take the Guys up to the bedroom, saying he would stay downstairs and for me to enjoy myself.

I led the guys to our bedroom and once inside Mark grabbed me and started to kiss me hard on the lips , I could feel gav behind me stroking my bum , and pulling my thong to one side so to stroke my pussy , I knew i was soaking , Mike pushed me to my knees and opening his jeans got out his cock, not massive but thick and very hard , without hestitation I started to suck his cock, Gave was fingering me I could feel myself about to cum and cum I did my juices running from my pussy over Gavs fingers , I could taste Mikes pre cum , I wanted him to cum in my mouth but they both had other ideas they lifted me up and placed me on my knees on the bed, at this point I saw Gavs cock for the first time it was 9-10 inches not as thick as Mike but I wasnt complaining , Gave fed his cock into my mouth forcing it down my throaght, I can deep throaght but this was making me gag , but he held my hair forcing me to take it , I could feel mike licking my pussy and my arse , my juices still running down my thigh , I needed to be fucked and Mike didnt dissapoint he pushed his cock up me forcing me once again onto Gavs cock , once we found a rythm I was getting fucked really hard Gave was pulling my hair Mike slapping my arse both of them calling me a slut , cocksucker and basically abusing me, Then Gav announced that he wanted to fuck the bitch , he lay back on the bed cock standing hard , get on my fucking cock , I climbed over onto him and his cock slipped easily into my soaking pussy, it seemed to never stop. soon I was sliding up and down on his wonderfull cock, Mike was still behind me pulling my breasts and sqeezing my nipples , then he was playing with my bum hole , he started to finger me opening my arse up then I felt him starting to fill my arse with his cock, god I was horny I usually only let Steve have my arse but the situation just was away from me and here i was getting fucked in my pussy and my bum . Mike announced he was going to cum and pulled his cock out shooting his seed over my back, then Gav said he was nearly there , I forced my pussy further down on his cock watching his face screw up as he shot his cum inside my pussy mixing wuth my juices and dripping over my stocking tops.

When they both spent they made me lick there cocks clean, thanked me for a great afternoon , dressed and went.

I heard the front door close and Steve came into the bedroom, Did you enjoy your extra Xmas gift he asked , mmmmm yes I replied lying back with my legs still open and Gavs spunk still in my pussy , now its your turn for youe extra present come here and lick my pussy clean !!!!! The next hour was just a blur as Steve licked me clean tasting Gavs cum , before fucking me again before shooting his cum in my mouth !!!!

Well if that was Xmas cant wait to go to Blackpool for the new year !!!