Written by Al

31 Dec 2009

It's been a good while since I last posted on here. We have been very busy, with Tina starting a new job and my work taking up so much of our spare time. Anyway as we had been so busy I felt it was only fair that we let our hair down and had some fun over Christmas. Tina had her work's party in Broad Street in Birmingham and I had encouraged her to dress provocatively. We decided she should wear her black short backless dress that beautifully accentuated her 36c breasts, a tiny g string and a matching black lace strapless bra. She looked gorgeous although she did need some convincing that it wasn't too slutty for her work colleagues. We had decided that she would meet them all in the pub and I would follow after I finished work. She would text me details of where they were and any arrangements.

My job seemed to drag forever until I made a get away at 8pm. I had to drive to Birmingham and eventually parked up at 10pm. I had received a text that Tina had split from her works do and was in a club. She gave me strict instructions to be discrete as she didnt want me to mess things up. With eager anticipation I made my was into the club and, following her directions I found her in a corner talking with two young black guys. They were obviously very pleased with themselves and whilst it was far too noisy to hear any conversation the sexually chemistry was clearly evident. One of the lads was casually resting a hand on Tina's knee while gently srtoking her back. They were working as a team as the other lad kept her stocked with drinks and charmed her whispering to her a flirting outrageously.

The lad touching her leg then took her hand and led her to the dance floor. They moved sensuoulsy together both running their hands over each other and kissing passionatley. I stood there mesmerised by the electrifying scene before me as the other lad came up behind Tina. He moved in time with his mate whilst rubbing against her arse suggestively. They continued like this changing over regularly for quite a while. When they eventually returned off the dancefloor Tina disapeared to powder her nose. Whilst away from the lads she gave me a ring and let me know what a pervert I was watching my wife be openly touched up in such an open way. She told me to have the car outside the club in 30 minutes ready to pick her and her two new fuck buddies up. I was directed to play the role of a taxi and would take her to the lickey hills where she could get a thorough servicing. I quickly rushed to the car and made my was through the traffic pulling outside the club as Tina emerged with her two friend escorting her.

I called out taxi for Tina and all three dived into the back with Tina giggling at the absurdity of the scene. As soon as we set off the two lads' hands were every where. They paid no attention to me as they kissed my wife. Tina instructed me to take them to the lickey hills with a big grin then told me she would make sure my car doesn't get any stains. Unfortunately I had little oppotunity to watch the action until we made it out of the centre. However when we stopped at lights I was then rewared with the site of Tina wanking two large cocks while the lads John and Clive had released her tits and were feasting on a nipple each. My attention was rudely returned to the road as the cars behind blasted their horns as I missed the light change. John told me to concentrate on the road. I listened in frustratiuon to the sexual slurps from behind as Tina took it in turn to giv e each lad a blow job.

IUpon reaching the country lane I found a quiet spot and pulled over. I looked back to see that Tina was now naked and eagerly sucking on each cock. They were both about 8 to 9 inches with John's cock a little thicker. Clive had a couple of fingers buried up her pussy while he rubbed her clit simultaneously with his thumb. John was giving my wifes tits his full attnetion, sucking hard, alternating between each nipple. All this time Tina gently stroked their cocks while her head was now thrown back in sheer excstacy. I didnt wait for permission and took out my cock slowly wanking over my own wife being pleasured by these two bulls.

Tina broke the spell first and urged them to fuck her. She demanded they give her all their cock. It was a little cold outside so Tina mounted John in the car straddling his cock and slowly lowering herself onto him. I had an excellent view of the action as inch by inch John's thick cock was swallowed into my wifes willing pussy. She encouraged him to meet her thrusts as they writhed together, kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. I had to focus and slow my wanking as there was no way I wanted to cum too soon.

Clive watched his mate eagerly waiting his turn. He urged John to give her his load, fuck it up her pussy mate. Clive was clearly impatient for his turn on my wanton wife. As if on cue John's thrusts became more erratic, finally he buried his head in her tits. Tina demanded he spunk up her and with a loud groan he shot his sperm into Tina's eager pussy.

Tina and John both collapsed into each other's arms, panting with sexual exhaustion. Clive though was beging to become frustrated. He urged his mate to move over amd let him have a go at my wife. With little ceremony Tina was passed over to Clive. His cock although slightly thinner than his mate looked mightly impressive standing to attention ready for some action. John climbed out and joined me in the front as we both stared at the scene in the back. Clive opened up the rear door allowing the cool night air to help my wifes nipples to stiffen. He opened her legs and with a big grin he eased the second cock into her pussy. As he fucked her John reached over and plucked at her hard nipples. They fucked for some time before Tina began groaning and demanding he fucks her harder. "give me another load. Fuck it up my pussy give it to me now"! she pleaded as her own orgasm approached. Clive duly obliged and simultaneously they both came as Clive and Tina's tongues explored each others mouths.

When they had finished John told Tina that it was only fair she at least give the driver a hand job. Tina smiled and still naked walked aroound to me. I felt a little self concious as the two lads both had far superior cocks to mine. However as soon as Tina bent over and took my cock into her mouth my feelings of inadequacy were soon forgotten. As she gave me a fantastic blow job John took the opportuntiy to get out the car and stroking a new erection he gradually fed it back in to her from behind. For my benefit Tina groaned at how big it is and how she is converted to black cock. All this talk was too much for me. I held onto her swaying tits and as John's thrusts pushed my wife onto my cock I spurted into Tina's mouth.

By this time Clive was ready for another go (young stamina eh)! He came around to the back and asked his mate too swap with me. John agreed and took my place while Clive quickly took over the fucking. I sat in the back now and watched as Tina put two hands around Johns cock. It was truly erotic to watch her mouth open as wide as possible and take the head in her mouth. Tina gave him her best blow job and with a final grown John announced he was about to cum. Tina pulled her head away and aimed his cock at her tits. With a few wanks of his cock John again obliged shooting over each breast as Tina massaged his load into them. Tina then looked directly at me, my heart skipping with the uncertaintly of what she was about to demand. She turned to John with a dreamy look and told him to get the driver to suck on my breasts. John looked towards me and said "you heard the woman now suck her titties". John made was for me and as Clive continued to fuck her I completed my chore reluctantly at first. Her tits slapped me in the face and Clives energetic thrusts forced Tina forward. They tasted slighlt salty as I began to lick then clean more enthusiastically.

As I sucked on a nipple Clive screamed out once again in exstacy. He pulled out shooting a load onto her arse and then wiping it in with his cock. He then moved back and I again repeated my chore this time cleaning my wifes arse up.

Tina, Clive and John then returned to the back. They refused to allow her to put her dress back on and took the opportunity to caress her tits and pussy all the way back to John's house. Thankfully Tina declined to go home with them although she did take their phone number and promised them she would go to a party in a couple of weeks with them.

After we dropped them off Tina lay in the back with her legs wide open. She told me in no uncertain terms that I would also be expected to lick her pussy clean once we get home!