Written by Magnentius

22 Aug 2018

We've known our friends for years and there's never been any flirtation or sexy innuendo either way until one Christmas four years ago. We were then all in our late 50's and early 60's so what happened next was a bit of a shock. After a fun and alcohol fuelled evening my partner and her husband marched off home from the restaurant arm in arm and his wife and I followed about 30 seconds behind. It was quite dark and she and I became quite flirty and started to stop and kiss and caress each other. I was very hard and she began to squeeze me through my trousers. Feeling her lovely big tits and finding my way to, and to my delight, soaking smooth pussy under her skirt we were by then gagging. 'Oh do I want you to fuck me' she said!! Well so did I but we were startled by the lights of a car which seemed to instantly sober us up and tidy ourselves and catch up our respective partners. When we got back to their house my partner and her husband were nowhere to be seen. We went in and in the darkened kitchen off came her coat, turned round half over a table I pulled out my cock and just slid into her from behind with just her skirt held up, her knickers mysteriously gone. I came in less than a minute but she soaked me, saying afterwards it was just so intense. We quickly tidied up started to make coffee when our respective partners came in looking a bit flush. Nothing was said at all between the four of us. It was as if nothing had happened, we just sat chatting having a coffee.

Over the next few days all I could think of was shagging my friends wife. It wasn't long before we started to text the occasional message which became more erotic and exciting. We hatched a plan. How about the 4 of us go to Spain for a break. Great idea we all agreed. More to come!!!