Written by magnentius

22 Aug 2018

Well after the Christmas fun a holiday break a few months later followed. Apart from occasional drink meets as a group nothing, apart from texting fun, happened. Our partners may have thought or suspected but nothing more.

We ended up in Spain a few months later looking forward to a good break. It appeared after all the fun our partners hadn't followed up on their fun, it appears from what we gleaned to be some kissing and cuddling but no more.

We enjoyed some nice meals and wine but his wife one afternoon said I'm going for a dip anyone else? Neither the other two said anything so I said 'Ill join you'. The pool was almost empty so we stretched out and chatted and flirted. I feel so horny for you, she said. So do I. The other couple left leaving the small pool to us. I leant over and kissed her sliding my hand between her legs, pulling the bikini bottom to one side and sliding a finger in. She was so wet. She stood up, grabbed my hand and went into the small changing room. No one there, she dropped to her knees pulling my swimming shorts down. My cock sprang up and she sucked the head so hard sliding it in an out. 'I'll cum I said. I want it now she said. She grasped my balls with one hand as wanked me hard. I came all over her tits, by now bouncing out of the bikini top!! What a sight!! She sucked the last few drops. Again realising how public we were we quickly got tidied up and peaking outside immediately slid into the pool. We both looked at each other and burst into laugher. We went back, she immediately going for a shower.

Her husband looked up from his book, 'Nice swim'? 'Yes, not many people about though'.