Written by Pilotcouple

22 Mar 2014

Many years ago I was working for a large firm of engineers and we used to have regular functions . Summer balls and BBQ and in the winter the Christmas Party . This usually involved all the guys and their partners as well as the bosses and senior staff. We were a close team and socialising was part of the lifestyle.

During this time as a guy in my mid 20s I dues to get some offers from girls and before the days of the Internet this involved going to clubs and pubs a bit which was all part of the chase . During one of these nights out I bumped into the bosses wife Becky , a tall , seductive lady of about 40 with a great figure and a twinkle in her eye. You know , the sort of lady that walks into a room and all the men can't stop looking. I had met her a few times before at these functions .We chatted and seemed to get on well. But being honest I was scared of her and the fact she was my bosses wife. She asked me where I usually go for a night out and I gave her a short list of place I hung out in and she said she may see me out sometime gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I left for home and being open pleasures myself about her wondering what she would look like taking me.

A few times over the next few weeks she would turn up and drink with me and some non work related friends and asked if I was coming to the Xmas party , I said I was and she asked if I still had the campervan I had purchased the year before . I said I had and she asked me if she could take a look as she loved the whole surfing type lifestyle.

I said I was around mainly at weekends if she wanted to take a look and agreed to meet me near a large reservoir where I had set up the roof and made the camper look like home . When Becky arrived I was nervous , genuinely nervous , this lady was meeting me in the middle of no-where away from her husband, my boss, and I although we were friendly I was still slightly unsure if she wanted a friend or my cock.

I knew the answer to this question fairly soon after she arrived , she was wearing a classy short skirt but with dark classy leggings on underneath . Her ass was to die for , it was clearly shapely , as well as a jumper that looked again classy but sexy. She came into the bus and sat down and commented on how much fun it looked and asked jokingly how many girls had been serviced inside. We joked and she asked me if she liked the fact we saw each other sometimes , I replied I did and mentioned the fact that I was concerned about getting fired. She touched my lips and said . This is secret and always will be and kissed me. A gentle kiss but one that made my cock hard . I am 6ft 6 and in proportion have a thick 9 inch cock and it was bursting and hurting with how hard I was . It was surreal , she calmly opened my jeans and pulled them down releasing me as I sprung up toward her face she smiled and said " I knew you would be big , and dropped her head toward my cock and started sucking .

She looked into my eyes as she sucked and made noises , I knew she was turned on but I let her be in control, she whispered that she had never had such a thick , long cock before and then carried on. I was looking into her eyes and she knew I was going to cum . She carried on , gently , then hard , then fast until I came in her mouth. I just came and came and came into this beautiful lady mouth . She kept licking and sucking til she cleaned my cock up and finally got up from her knees and sat next to me. She had blown my mind as well as my cock.

We sat drinking tea from my campers stove and she asked me if we can do this sort of thing regularly and confirmed our secret, I agreed and we kissed each other and she left .

The next part I will tell you about the other adventures including sex in my van at the Xmas party as her hubby was pissed at the bar , let me know if you like this as it's my first attempt ,,,,,,