Written by Pilotcouple

25 Mar 2014

We continued to meet up and have fun, the camper van blowjob was special and I wondered where it would lead. I would get the odd message on the answer phone, asking , was I there and i would miss it and wonder. One day Becky called and said , meet me by the reservoir . I showered and get there as quick as i could . As I drove into the the car park I saw her car parked up , she looked a little shy, perhaps the worry of getting caught , it was daylight and people were walking there dogs etc. I calmly drove up , stopped and opened the rear sliding door. Becky got in , and we kissed. One of those kisses that makes your heart race and you know its full of passion. My body and cock knew it had been here before. Becky said very little . she gently released my belt and pulled down my jeans to my ankles. Then slowly raised her short skirt allowing me to feel her athletic but girly thighs as she calmly lowered herself onto my bursting hard cock. No panties on I thought.She was soaking as she lowered herself onto the first 3 inches her finger on my lips telling me not to say anything . I could feel her wetness running down me, she carried on lowering herself until all she could take was inside her . She rocked up and down making girly whimpering sounds , sounds I have learnt as I have got older that girl make when they are totally consumed by passion. She didn't stop, she got faster, deep but not frantic, a controlled deep screw. All the way to her entrance and all the way to take all of me deep. Her top was still on, her breasts heaving with passion . Sh was using me, and I was loving it . Her whimpering became a heavy breathing sound. I was hoping I would last long enough to allow her to come and as she started panting I knew she was coming hard. I had held on just right and suddenly the feeling of my cum reached my cock and I came in a massive head spinning orgasm. She sat on me for a short while. I was too turned on to go sort. She whispered in my ear , wow, amazing, I must go though, and left me in my camper. What a lady I thought! I thought if there is a next time , I am going to give it too her properly !

Next time , I will tell the story of how this amazing lady Becky gets well and truely what she wanted.