Written by lucky lad

22 Dec 2014

Hi I'm Gary and I have to share my latest conquest with you all. I,m 24 but have a thing about older marries women. I have quite a success rate, meeting bored housewives on various websites plus going out on the town but last Saturday was a surprise.

We had our office Christmas do and as you do, got off with a couple of the girls my age. At about 1am everyone drifted off with whoever they had got off with that night but my boss who is usually Now usually she's quite aloof offered me a lift in her taxi but instead of going home we ended up back at the office. she's a quite attractive looking 55 year old skinny red head with huge boobs but in fairness to her she is a good laugh when we are out.

I asked her why we where going back to work at 1am and all she said was that there where some issues that needed sorting out. Now that usually means trouble and she did seem a bit pissed off.

When we got to her office she started to give me a row about being indiscreet with some of the girls that evening and how disappointed she was with me and that she didn't know if I could work with them after being intimate with them, she was referring to the fact that I got off with a few of the girl that evening. I apologised but she asked how discreet I could be and how important was my job to me.

Of course I told her it was very important, she said something about having to see how discrete I can able to be and started to unbutton her blouse. I have to admit, I started to panic a bit, was this a test. I stood there hoping she would just laugh and tell me to go but she didn't.

She unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor then undid her bra. Her huge tits fell out, all the tits I usually see, even the big ones, don't have nipples as big as hers. They where huge and red and hard. I can't remember exactly what she said but it was along the lines of 'are you going to fuck me then or get another job'.

She didn't have to ask twice, by the time my short was off and cock was out her knickers where on the floor and I was eating pussy. She didn't seem to like that much and grabbed my hair shoving my head to her tits which I gave a good sucking. The nipples where a mouthful in themselves.

She was quite impatient and told me to 'just fuck' her so like a good employee I slipped my cock into her and fucker her hard.

Her tits swung every time I rammed my self into her, all I can say in thank goodness no one else was in the office becouse she's a screamer especially when she cums.

I told her I was going to shoot my load so she pushed me away, got on her knees and let me shoot my load over her face and tits before she scooped it up and drank it.

We fucked again on the desk this time she allowed me to cum inside her.

Now all we have to do is see how she is with me when we go back to work after the holidays.