Written by Magnentius

28 Aug 2018

Well we soon established that only the two of us were having fun. We proceeded to enjoy the rest of our Spanish trip and more. When we returned home we planned some more fun.

It transpired than neither of us was getting any at home so this turned out to be a release of much pent up sexual tension for us both. We needed to be discrete so elaborate plans were made before any fun meets. One such late morning meet was planned whilst I was out and she was 'home alone' for the day. I texted saying see you soon, be ready. The reply caused further excitement by saying 'back door open, I'm upstairs in my new underwear with blindfolded on'. Frantically getting ready I left with great anticipation with an ever hardening cock!

Discreetly parking nearby I walked around the back and opened the kitchen door. All quiet so I slowly crept upstairs. guessing where she'd be I slowly pushed a bedroom door open. She was sat on the bed, legs tucked to one side. A stunning red satin underwear set along with sheer stocking hold ups. A red satin scarf was tied around her head and she was breathing heavily. Her gorgeous breasts squeezed sexily together showing her lovely cleavage. I stood still taking it in saying nothing. Aware I was there but neither of us talking enhanced the anticipation. I slowly moved to the chair opposite and sat down. Starting to undress myself she started to caress her bra and a hand between her legs. Clearly she had been playing for a while and was very excited.

Now naked I quietly walked to the side of the bed and leant forward to kiss her neck. She shivered and let out a gasp. My cock was as stiff as a poker and I was as excited as clearly was she. Not rushing I carried on kissing her neck and arm. I held her shoulders and slowly let her relax on her back on the bed. I carried on kissing her breasts through the material then down to the briefs, doing the same there. She was so turned on and said 'I want to see'. 'Wait I'll undress you'. I removed her briefs, she raised her bum to help. I crept up between her thighs, spending time savouring her smooth wet pussy. She really was excited grabbing my shoulders and pulling me to her. I managed to pull the bra straps to one side. She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her and I somehow undid her bra first time, never the easiest thing to do!!

She was now naked with me apart from her hold up stockings, she wrapped her legs around me and we kissed. 'Take my blindfold off please' I did so just as my cock slipped into her soaking pussy. We just held that for a few seconds then we 'both' started to pushed against each other. Clearly she was on the verge of an orgasm, she started to tense then let out a long, deep groan. This was too much for me as I sped up feeling I was close she tightened her legs around my back as my cock let go!! Both of us just held each other for seemingly ages after.

We lay there afterwards quietly chatting and both of us saying 'Wow'.

This subsequently turned out to be the last but one meeting. We both said how awesome it had been but clearly considering our situations we decided it was best to stop. We both chat and reminisce about our fun but it was fun 'at the time'. Since then I have moved on to more fun but this was the spark that kicked things off.