Written by dave

27 Jul 2015

Last but one of our holiday, hope you have enjoyed our experience with our new friends. Her husband and I met again the next morning at the same cafe, we didn't tell the girls, we agreed that would be the last time we could see each other. As we lived different ends of the country, did you tell your wife about my fetish, yes he said well I'm very pleased. Any idea about tonight, yes he said I suggest we have a night out with each other's wife', then meet after for a drink and tell each other what had happened. Great by me, we all met for a drink and the girls opened their legs for us. We set off on our separate ways, I thought I would push her as far as possible, we sat at a bar and started chatting,do you think you're husband fingers are in my wife s knickers yet and she could be wanking him or even fucking him. Would you mind no she said.,no would you,no but I'd love to watch,if I took you to the beach and made sure we were being watched would you like it. Yes I'll get a drink and at I come back I want your dress up over your knickers. What had I got to lose, I returned and her knickers are on show, it was dark and we sat in a quiet corner, move your knickers and make yourself come while I watch,Her hand went straight in her knickers and started rubbing her flit, wank off in front of me,not to I hear how wet you are. She kept wanking, stop I said we're going to the beach. I found a place where a few people were about, one man on his own was there to watch , so we sat very close to him. About 5or6yards away. Pull your legs up and open them I put two fingers in very easily, we could see him watching, I pulled her dress and bra down and sucked on her nipples, he's wanking. Take your dress off to my surprise she did, she sat there bra down ,legs apart.I pulled her Knickers down to her knees and started to wank her, she loved every minute of it. Go over and finish him she stood up and walked over her Knickers still down, I followed and watched her bring him off, come came all over her legs. He left and we went back to meet the others. They were already there in the corner, Her dress up enough to show her Knickers, we sat and relayed our evening, your knickers look very wet, yes they are he's fucked me and come on my knickers. And we related our experience, Her husband looked shocked, but delight ed. I going to meet your wife and take her to one of our cinema s and do all the things I told you about, I told her to her to pull knickers down again and make me come while he watches, tell him how your looking for to being in the cinema, as she related this I came over her hand.We said goodbye,my wife told me what had ha in detail, I'll let you know.