Written by dave

27 Jul 2015

Last but one night, we had come back from the beach and related our experience, once I had come in the bar in front of her husband and my wife, it. Was their turn to tell us about the evening, they like us had had a few drinks. My wife being more adventurous suggested they found a different bar. One we had not used, like the club we had all had been to later in the night it became a lover's retreat, they settled down in a corner so they could see all, waiter came over to take their order, when he comes back I'll have opened the top of my dress and my knickers will just be showing. He returned and obviously enjoyed the site, put your hand down the top of my knickers and play with my clit,he did what he was told, she knew the waiter was watching, she opened her legs more.they stopped for a while and looked around, as in the other club it was that time of night for groping, this made everything a lot easier.I want you to fuck me while people are watching.Where here look around you skirts dresses are up, wanking everywhere. He moved my dress up to above my knickers and played with my clit, the waiter came and sat close to us, he wants to watch, I took him out of his shorts and started to wank him. I told him to pull them down so he could get inside me, I sat on his lap and he started to fuck me, the waiter was now wanking, he could see my knickers and a cock in side me. I knew he was about to come, so squeezed harder, the waiter stood up came over and shot all over my knickers, so did my friend. We left and met the others, that's why my knickers are so wet, they didn't know it was two lots of come. I heard my husband say. Your coming down to the cinema , and I'll do all the things you've heard of. Can't wait.

She was to come down to where we lived and he would take her to the cinema