Written by dave

28 Jul 2015

Back in England after our holiday, it seems weeks ago when we had our new experience with our new friends. Things seem very dull, we have to get back on our sexual track, still can't face porno cinema,s or dogging. A phone call out of the blue changed everything, my wife took the call and all I could hear was yes, of course, why not, see you soon. It was our friends wife and wanted to see us as her husband was away on business. Ok by me you know why she's visiting, of course are you happy about that yes she said. She arrived and we all kissed and cuddled to say hello( I did check her knickers out as I held her). She came straight to the point after a few drinks.you're cinema stories have turned me on so much I would like the experience, I was quite drunk by then and sat next to her, this is what will happen and pulled her skirt up to her knickers and rubbed her flit, more people will be watching than just my wife. I know but that's what I want, carry on my wife said and I put to finger s in her and she wanked me till I came.We all went to our bedrooms, and made arrangements the next morning for the rest of the day. I had checked out the right movie, my wife said go the two of you but I want every detail on your return, before we left I told her to dress for the occasion, I know what you like. We settled in the cinema in front of a single man, the lights were still up so I told her to pull her dress up a little and open her legs so I could rest my hand there, he would get the idea what would be happening, the film started and we wasted no time I undid a few buttons and pushed her bra down, played with her nipples, they are rock hard and her legs opened more with anticipation. Is he wantching .yes I said, good that's what I want, someone to watch I don't know.move forward in the seat and pull your dress up to your knickers, I put my hand down the front and played with her clit till she was very wet, what s happening behind, he's wanking looking at you. I want you to go to the loo and come back sit next to him pull your dress up and make him come while I watch you, ok and off she went. She sat next to him and did exactly as I asked, his hand was in her bra and she was slowly wanking him, his fingers moved her brilliant white knickers over and started to wank her. I had my cock out which she could see, she pulled her Knickers down to her knees and spread her legs, I reached over and felt how wet they were, he took know notice, Her hand was going faster, and I could hear the sound of her slurping. As I looked at what was happening, Her knickers down , legs apart , stockings and suspenders on show,Her about to make him come, how I stopped myself I don't know. She speeded up and he came all over her dress and stockings.. She got up and came back to me, did you enjoy that yes I came very easily, did you, not yet, what do you want me to do. Take your knickers off I want to come in them, she wrapped them around me and wanked me till I came.We set off home to tell what had happened, but that's another s.