Written by Peter R

3 Sep 2012

We both enjoy reading other peoples experiences on S H but have never considered telling ours until now and has taken a lot of heart searching before doing so.

My wife Diane and I have always enjoyed a good sex life, ever since we met, but our story starts when my wife's disabled sister Angie came to live with us, I have regularly visited an adult cinema, Di knowing and being happy about this she would never accompany me.

Shortly after Angie joining us she asked me if she could go to the cinema with me, I was a bit reluctant to take her as my wife had always told me that she was at nearly forty, still a virgin, but of course had the same needs and feelings as anyone else, but I thought that she may be shocked by what she would see there, having been persuaded by both sisters I gave in and we went the short drive there.

On entering the cinema we found a number of single men and a couple, we sat near the back with the couple to our rear, after a few minutes of watching the film Angie noticed a couple of men with their erect cocs out wanking, she whispered "do you do that" I nodded and she told me to carry on, I felt a bit awkward but released my throbbing erection, looking around we saw the couple, the girl was now sucking the mans cock, giggling she asked if Di did that for me, she is very good at it, I replied, by now her hand was between her legs rubbing herself,seeing this surprised me but made my erection even harder, resting her head on my shoulder she very gently stroked my cock, till I could no longer control myself and came over her hand,

On the way home she asked if I would take her again, and if I did she would make it worth my while,

Back home it was obvious that she had given her sister a blow by blow account of her experience at the cinema, that night in bed my wife told me how much her sister had enjoyed her experience and could now see what she had missed all these years and although because of her disability sex may be a bit difficult she very much wanted to try but as she didn't have a boyfriend it was going to be a problem, asking Di if she could help her.

It was decided by them and reluctantly agreed to by myself that we would let her join us and show her different positions that may make it possible for her to enjoy it, on the night the two women went to our bedroom to "prepare" as they said, when I joined them I found them both lying on the bed wearing little see through nighties, joining them I fondled Di's boobs, sucking her nipples I slipped my fingers into her wet pussy, I was encouraged to do the same to Angie, moving back to my wife I mounted her but try as I might with being watched I failed to get a full erection, what a failure, the girls were very kind telling me that they understood and not to worry.

The next time we visited the cinema my wife joined us, inside there was only a few men there, the girls sat either side of me, I let my hands wander over both of them after a while I undid my wife's top and bra releasing and revealing her lovely 38c boobs, looking at Angie we found her top was around her neck with her boobs on display, ther was now a man sitting beside her fondling them, we watched as his hand went up her skirt working between her thighs, he obviously found her clit as I could hear her heavy breathing, my wife whispered that her sister was not wearing undies and laughing that she had forgotten to put her panties on. As I sucked on her now long, hard nipples she gasped and I saw that the man at her side had pushed her skirt up and was pushing his fingers violently into her pussy, meanwhile her sister very noisily reached her climax

Angie has now made friends with a couple that she met at the cinema, who I know are very easy to get on with, they have visited us and have spent the night and by the sounds coming from her bedroom Angir is enjoying her new found sexual freedom.