Written by Jack

14 Jun 2009

A couple of weeks ago I went to a cinema club in West Yorks (you all know the one). It seemed a bit quiet in the two smaller rooms, but when I walked into the main cinema, I was surprised to see a whole group of men in the middle of the rows of seats. As I looked closer I could see a woman between them, and I thought ‘this is it – I’ve read about it, but this could be the real thing’. I instantly got a hard on, and couldn’t think for a moment. The woman was sat in one of the seats, with a bloke sat next to her. There were other men stood up in the same aisle and stood in the aisle behind. It was dark in the cinema and it was difficult to see with all the men in the way, but from what I could see it looked like she was completely naked.

I quickly walked around the back of the seats to get to the other side, and could see her clearly now. She was laid back in the seat, twisted round to one side and facing the men in the row behind. I could see now that all she was wearing was a black mini skirt, which had ridden up and was now around her waist, like a belt. There was one bloke sat next to her, nearest to me, who seemed to be her ‘minder’, and was clearly in charge of what was happening.

There was no-one sat in the seats on my side so I walked along the row and sat in the seat next to him. My head was in a whirl, trying to take in what was happening. There were four men behind her, all with their cocks out and as I walked down the row of empty seats, her boyfriend motioned one of them nearer, and the girl started to wank his stiff cock and then took him in her mouth.

Up to this point I had not really looked at the woman, but now, close up, I could see that she really was a stunner. Only young – perhaps twenty – with an incredible body, and smooth, olive skin. Her male friend was concentrating on watching her sucking off the bloke behind, and was massaging her tits with his left hand, and I took the chance to reach over and touch her leg. Because the chap was between us, I had to reach across his leg, but there was no resistance from either of them, so I got a bit bolder and ran my hand down across her gorgeous arse.

At this moment the bloke behind gave a loud groan and spunked off into her mouth. I watched as his cock slipped out and dribbled spunk onto the floor. The minder signalled to the next bloke, who shuffled forward, wanking his large cock, and fed into the girl’s waiting mouth. I wasted no time in continuing my exploration of her smooth firm arse – she was now facing the row behind, with her knees on the seat - and then slipped my middle finger down , briefly touching her tight little anus , and then between her cunt lips. I slowly pushed my finger into her cunt. She was quite wet, but also fairly tight. It was an incredible sensation to feel her cunt walls gripping my finger, and I as I went further in, she responded by pushing backwards. I could feel each movement of her body as her hands and mouth worked on the various cocks that were offered to her.

By this time she had sucked off five of the blokes, and her man said that the next was the last one, as they needed a break. The lucky guy looked down and saw his stiff prick disappear between her lips. I had had my own cock out for some time, my shorts down by my ankles and was slowly wanking with my right hand as my left explored her gorgeous cunt. At this point, her minder got up from the seat and pushed past me. He walked round to the back row and knelt down by the side of the old bloke, so that he could watch more closely. There were several more blokes around us now. One to my left had taken the opportunity to have a feel of her tits, and as I looked to the side I could see him rubbing his cock against her stiff dark nipples. On my right another bloke was wanking, and then suddenly he moved behind me, his hard on pressing against me, as I felt his hand come round and grab hold of my cock, and start to wank me off. I now had my right hand free and I leant forward, holding onto the back of the seat, with my face on a level with hers. She was taking the old blokes knob right up to his balls. He was moaning loudly and about to cum. The minder stood up and spoke very firmly.

“Cum slut, stop that. I want you to lie on the floor here, on all this old spunk”.

The girl stopped sucking, and I reluctantly let my fingers slip out of her tight little cunt. She then walked past me and around to the back row and lay down on the dirty carpet. The guy spoke again.

“Anyone who’s ready can spunk up all over now.”

The old bloke who she had been sucking off had taken off his trousers and stood over her, his legs either side of her head. He wanked his cock quickly for a few seconds and a thick jet of sperm fell onto her legs. His load of cum was followed in quick succession by three others. I had watched all four of them come and looked down at the girl, her face, hair and body covered in spunk. The smell of sex was overpowering.

“Get up now cum slut. I’ll bring you back later”, barked out the minder. We all watched mesmerised, as the girl followed him out of the cinema. (To be continued)