Written by Diggory-venn-1

31 Jul 2010

A rainy night in Amsterdam. So many rainy nights in this city, with its curious mix of culture and sleaze. I've finished my Chinese meal, so what now? The porn cinema, or back to my hotel? The incessant rain persuades me. I pay my six euros, and enter. The stench of stale human sweat hits you immediately. Men are openly playing with themselves, and some are playing with each other. This neither shocks nor arouses me. A choice of three viewing rooms, straight, bizarre or BDSM. I settle down and watch the film. After ten minutes, I am bored, so I wander into the adjacent room. What's all the commotion on the back row? There's a couple and they're playing! She's taking on all-comers! Within minutes, I'm heavily aroused, I think I'm going to burst! I have no condom. A man obliges, and after her clearly-bisexual partner checks to see that the condom is fitted, I penetrate. Three thrusts, yes just three thrusts, and I come. But I keep going, perhaps out of embarrassment, but also because it just feels so good. Thirty minutes later. I'm in the BDSM room. The same couple enter, and occupy two of the three seats on the front row. What do I do? I move forward, and sit next to the lady. I ask her if she likes these films. She tells me that they excite her, and her partner has already spanked her earlier today. I tell her that she would be more comfortable with her skirt above her waist, She agrees. She is expressionless as I play with her, until a soft groan and a jet of fluid against my index finger tells me that she has found her moment of joy, Then, without warning, her partner drags her from her seat, and places her against the left hand wall of the cinema. She faces the wall, with her arms and legs outstretched. He spanks her quite hard, and she remains in position, totally submissive, He stops, turns to me and says "Please!" He indicates that he wants me to carry on with her spanking. I oblige, with ten, perhaps twelve firm spanks. "Oh pleeeeease, not so hard", she begs. I want to continue, but I stop. The moment is over.........but three years on, that memory remains.