Written by FanOfClaire

5 Nov 2014

I got paired with a girl called Claire at work for a project recently. We hadn't much interaction previously, but the we got on good and the project was completed in three weeks. She's about 5' 7, slim athletic build with shoulder length brown hair. I knew she had a boyfriend, so no funny stuff (or so I thought). A few weeks after that I bumped into her on a night out. We were both tipsy and much fun was had in the nightclub, dancing and talking rubbish. Nothing happened but I could feel that there definitely was something between us.

Next week at work, it turned out that there's an additional requirement on the project we worked on so we were paired together again. The deadline was tight, so one evening she suggested getting some stuff done in the evening at her place. I readily agreed and to be honest, hoped that at the very least I'd get a chance to go through her underwear drawer :) I arrived and boy did she look good when the door opened. A red hairband holding back her slightly curly hair, a red armless top (I could see the straps of a black bra beneath), jeans which just loved her tight ass, and her in bare feet (nails painted red). We spent about an hour working but I could hardly keep my eyes off her. I could just tell that she had perky little tits, and I was dying to lick them! A break was suggested and she got a couple of beers. As we were sitting down on the same couch chilling, she started stroking my leg with her foot. Our eyes met and she had a mischievous look in her eye. I had no choice but to lean in and kiss her.

I climbed on top of her, my hands wandering down taking a hold of her sweet ass and us still kissing passionately. My cock become hard almost instantly! She started rubbing it though my jeans, driving me wild. I began taking off her top when she broke away. Damn I wanted to see tits! But she starts unzipping me, and has my pants down and cock sprung into action. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth. Ohh wow, she is quite the cock sucker. She continued sucking on me for a while, before I brought her up, kissed her and started removing her clothes. It wasn't long before she was in my arms, completely naked. She had lovely perky tits (I knew it!) and a full bush. She whispered in my ear "I'm on the pill" so fuck it, I'm going in I thought to myself! She got down on the couch, spread her legs and led me by the hand to take my place. Initially I was gentle with my cock rubbing against her pussy but she was soaking wet so it slipped in easy. We fucked hard. I had her ankles around my head and with each stroke I felt an incredible cum brewing. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and grabbed her tight as I came deep inside her. We kissed deeply.

We lay like that for a while, until (of course) i was hard again. My cock brushed her pussy lips, she was dripping from all the cum earlier. My god it felt good. This time I turned her over and fucked her from behind. I kept slapping her arse and spreading those cheeks while I slammed in and out of her. She liked this and came very loudly, which prompted me to shoot my load again. It wasn't long after that she told me her bf was calling over so I would have to leave. We got dressed, kissed and I walked home with the biggest grin you've every seen!

The project work was completed and we never talked about what happened. But I get such a thrill seeing her at work and knowing the filthy little minx behind the corporate veneer!