Written by stripx

23 Jun 2014

Sarah was now on all fours with Chris in her mouth and me in her pussy with Claire watching with immense interest.

I knew that to carry on meant I would soon cum, and I still had plenty of things I wanted to do to Sarah and I'm sure Chris had by no means finished with Claire.

I slipped my cock from Sarah's wet hole and a moment later Chris removed his cock from her mouth.

I said to Sarah "don't worry, I'm not finished, just need a breather"

Sarah Rolled into a sitting position and Claire who was lying on her side asked Sarah "was that your first time with 2 cocks?"

Sarah said that it was and know she'd tried it it wouldn't be her last.

"Dirty Bitch" said Claire....."so what about me?"

I asked Claire if she was ready to put on a show for us.

In what way?

Sarah had cottoned on and said "oh yea, we've got something for you to try"

"What?" asked Claire

With that Sarah walked over to the sofa and from behind a cushion appeared her suction cup dildo.

"oh wow" said Claire.

"You up for it?" asked Sarah

"yea, ok"

"On your knees" Sarah said.

Claire got on her knees and Sarah walked towards Claire and stopped in front of her. Sarah then holding the dildo nestled the cup end into her pubic hair and told Claire to start sucking!

Claire looked a little suprised as she was expecting to have the dildo put straight into her pussy but she came forward a little and slowly took it in her mouth.

I knew from the video that from the girth Claire was no way going to get it all in her slut mouth.

Claire was game though and took what she could into her mouth while Sarah looked transfixed at Claire's face as she slowly sucked on her dildo.

Chris and myself couldn't resist getting some pics on our phones as my wife sucked on a dildo being held by another woman.

We stood next to Sarah with our phones pointing down and told Claire to look straight up, which she did with nice big open eyes. The flashes on the phones were going off as we took some wonderful shots.

Sarah had Claire licking, sucking and running her mouth up and down the dildo's shaft before Claire said "are you going to put it in me?"

"Sure am" said Sarah. Chris then put a dining room chair into the middle of the room and Sarah fixed her dildo to the chair pointing straight up.

Sarah gestured for Claire to come in closer and told her to straddle the chair and ease down. Chris gave the dildo a generous squirt of Durex lubricant and Claire was ready to take Sarah's dildo into her willing pussy.

Claire straddled the chair, took the dildo by it's shaft, positioned it over her pussy

and began easing down.

I figured due to its girth Claire would struggle but it was soon in half way and stretching her lips nice and wide. We were all clustered around the chair getting a good look at Claire's filled hole and it was soon two thirds in when she stopped.

With a huge outward breath Claire said "that's it guys, that's not going in anymore".

I said "ok babes just stay like that for a bit while we get a good look".

"oooooh ok"

Chris, Sarah and myself were staring at the wonderful site in front of us. My naked wife with her cunt lips stretched wide gripping Sarah's dildo.

We stared for what seemed like ages when Sarah told Claire to start riding it. Claire said "I can ride it but I can't get anymore in".

"Ok" said Sarah, "ride that cock."

Clare took hold of the back of the chair and began fucking Sarah's dildo. The lube must have helped as Claire was riding it up and down faster than I thought she would. What an amazing site. Each time Claire raised herself up the dildo what draw her arse cheeks in a bit and every time she went down her arsehole would be slightly more exposed.

"you ok babes" I asked. "Yea, I'm good" Claire said breathing hard.

Claire was still riding when she said "give me a cock to suck"

Before I knew it Chris was up and guiding his cock into Claire's mouth. I didn't care, I was happy just to watch things unfold.

Claire was sucking Chris's cock quite fast but he didn't look like he was about to cum.

Sarah was loving the show and decided to grab hold of Claire's arse cheeks and part them for a better look of Claire's filled cunt.

Claire's arsehole was now exposed in full and Sarah leant in and gave it a lick.

I watched for Claire to react in a negative way as she has never done any girl stuff before and I figured she would freak out.

Claire didn't bat an eyelid and carried on sucking Chris cock for all she was worth.

Claire did however stop riding the dildo and stayed down on it as if to let Sarah rim her without movement.

Sarah was straight in tounging Claire's open arsehole.

"Go on" said Chris "get right in there"

Sarah gave a smile and carried on rimmimg Claire.

I moved in behind Sarah who was still on her knees holding Claire's arse cheeks apart and eased a finger straight into her arse.

Sarah approved as she shifted her knees further apart and said "go faster"

I increased speed and finger banged Sarah's arsehole. The lube from earlier was still evident so I eased a second finger in and went in as deep as I could. I would leave it a few seconds before withdrawing and then going deep again.

This lasted a couple of minutes before Sarah stopped working Claire's arsehole and said "my turn Claire"

Chris took his cock from Claire's well used mouth and Claire lifted herself from Sarah's dildo.

"WOW" I said. "Bend over babes"

Claire bent over and Chris and Sarah could see what I had seen.

Sarah's dildo had left Claires pussy gaping and her lips were now exposed and looked huge.

"grab your ankles" said Sarah.

Claire did so and we all looked in amazement at Claire's cunt lips.

"WOW" said Sarah. "you're pussy looks soooo fucked"

"that's why we're here" said Claire.

Sarah moved in and started using her mouth to pull on Claire's pussy lips. Sarah then used her finger and thumbs to stretch out Claire's lips even further.

"get your phones guys" said Sarah.

In seconds Chris and I had pics of Sarah pulling on and spreading Claire lips wide.