Written by andysig

29 Mar 2018

The last few months have been a bit crazy planning our trips to various bike shows and a European trip in August trying to get every one to agree has meant a good few nights in the pub. Clair has been my regular fuck budy for over a year and has now learnt what is expected of her. The initial shyness has been replaced with a confidence that woman get once they realise the power they have over a hard cock or two. Any way Trip one London bike show four of us riding down stay for three nights a few beers and jobs a good one Clair was working so I thought but no her and Annie would be down on the Saturday just to be sure we ( I ) didn't get into any trouble.

I was amazed at Clair taking Annie as I had confessed to wanting to shag her Ali BJ and Dave all equally up for a bit of shagging spent most of the day winding me up about the three of them doing Clair while I waited my turn. A good day was had and we headed back to the hotel one of the guys offering to help Clair with her shower she just wiggled her tight arse and laughed. Clair knew I would insist she dressed like a slut and sure enough she didn't disappoint tight white tee shirt short denim skirt and hold ups and high ish heels. She went to pick up her bag and I noticed her bare arse cheek, Lift your skirt. she did as she was told a tight white thong covering a freshly shaved pussy that will do nicely. A knock at the door the three amegos poured into the room with a drunk Annie trailing behind she looked like she had already had a night out her blouse pulled half out her tight black skirt make up and hair a bit wild she explained to Clair she had let the lads into her room for a beer and they had been trying their best to ride her whilst she was getting ready. Ali coping a feel of her tit as she was telling her story. Clair looked disapprovingly at my friends who had made no effort to change or tidy themselves up. She bent over to pick up her bag getting ready to leave as soon as the lads saw her arse that was it. See Annie told you Ali laughed Annie told him to fuck off. Whats up! the boys looking at Annie lift your skirt! no Ali pushed her forward lift your skirt Annie did as instructed no knickers her pussy clearly having been recently used. Clair laughing what you done. They said you would dare ware knickers as soon as I took mine off they were all over me fingering my pussy fingering my arse that's why we are late. Oh you were fighting them off.Well not exactly I agreed to a hand job if he would stop pointing to BJ as soon as I started two cocks appeared like magic and a hand on the back of my head forced me down on Ali Dave wanking as I tried to get Ali off as soon as Ali stepped back Dave started fucking my mouth Bj started fucking me and it all went a bit crazy from there.

I dragged Clair into the bathroom my own cock fit to burst get on your knees she did as she was told unzipping me and taking my cock in her mouth a hand full of hair I face fucked her hard she was cupping my balls a nice wet blow job her head rocking back and forth as the door creaked open Annie watching her friend suck me off . Get over here I pulled her down towards my cock her cheek rubbing Clairs I pulled my cock out of Clairs mouth and let Annie the nights fuck toy take her place. Annie knew her place her knees slipping on the bathroom floor as Clair started feeling her friends wet hole

three fingers easily finding no resistance she finger Annie hard cum running down Clairs fingers she tried to stick her hand in my mouth. Not happening bitch I grabbed both by the hair and out into the bedroom we went throwing Annie on the bed

she spread her legs as I pushed Clair down on her friends cunt reluctantly she began licking and cleaning Annies well used hole. I pulled Clairs thong to one side fingering her pussy and making sure the lads had a good view. I slid in behind Clair and thrust in hard banging her like a bull on speed well in my mind fucked her as hard as I could watching her work on Annie had my mind racing about the opportunities that lay a head the guys were making sure Annie was put to good use hands mouth and fanny all getting attention. Pulling out of Claires pussy I lubbed her lovely tight arse hole and forced my cock in within 2mins I was Cumming deep inside her arse she was high pushing back for all she was worth I slapped her arse and turned to the guys you've got 15 mins then we are leaving take your pick.Clair was looking over her shoulder you bastard as Dave started riding her she knows what s expected but her arse is mine shes encouraged to please my friends and weve two days left till home time.Its going to be a good summer.