Written by funboy1966

12 Feb 2010

Most weeks when I was at university, I enjoyed a swift and steamy fuck with Lynn, one of the cleaners at my hall of residence. Then one Friday her friend Jackie knocked on my door at the end of her shift, her nipples poking through her blouse ...

Jackie was younger than Lynn, probably mid-twenties, and I soon discovered she had few inhibitions. That afternoon she was wearing a flowery skirt and a white blouse. Her tits strained against the thin material and her nipples stood out through her bra.

She said Lynn had told her all about what we used to get up to, and she wanted more of the same. Before I could think of a smart-arse reply, she had pushed me on to the bed and set about taking my clothes off while kissing me passionately. I ran my hands up her thighs and felt her arse tight against her panties. She had my shirt off and was now pulling my jeans down, pausing to grab my cock thru my 1980s Y-fronts!

Next she shrugged off her blouse and tossed her bra to the floor ... just like Lynn, she had lovely full tits and I gorged on them while she eased the old Y-fronts over what was now a serious hard-on. Jackie was on a mission and without a word she began wanking my cock and running her tongue up it. Then he licked my balls ... at this rate, I was going to spunk up pronto, so I took off her skirt and slid her black panties off

Sex was in the air and Jackie let out a little scream as I eased my cock inside her. My teenage horniness drove me on as I pumped her while squeezing those lovely tits. We thrashed around in ecstasy until I could feel the spunk coming. "Do it on my tits!" Jackie shouted and that's what I did, sending a spurt of cum over her stiff nipples

After she'd left the room with a big smile on her face, a wicked idea soon crossed my mind. Would Lynn and Jackie be up for it together?