Written by Funboy1966

31 Jan 2010

When I was a horny university student in the 80s, I lived on campus. We had such a cushy life that our rooms were cleaned once a week. DIfferent cleaners were used but I looked forward to seeing Lynn on Friday mornings. She was in her thirties with a curvy body and a sexy smile

Like chambermaids in hotels, the cleaners had seen everything so were used to finding couples in bed together, guys in the shower etc. One day she came into my room as I was getting dressed and just happened to get an eyeful of my cock! Nothing was said but it turned me on to think later of what could have happened

Next time Lynn was on duty, I asked her to come back to my room when she had finished her rounds. "I'd love to" she said. An hour later she was at my door, her usual uniform replaced by everyday clothes ... a tight T shirt, black skirt and, best of all, high heels. She looked so fuckable

"I was hoping we could get to know each other better," I said, adding: "Although you've already seen my cock haven't you?"

"I don't remember, I see so many in this place" she joked

With that I pulled down my pants and reacquainted her with my stiffening cock. She could have run for cover but instead she reached out and began slowly wanking me

Soon we were rolling around my bed on heat ... I stripped off her T shirt and dress and soon had her lacy knickers off. "Fuck me darling, I've not had it for three weeks" she said. My cock slid inside her, smooth as you like, and we fucked like crazy. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she ripped off her bra and threw it to one side, unleashing a gorgeous pair of ripe bouncing tits

The sight of them and the feel of her cunt were so intense that I wasn't going to last long. Sure enough, as she screamed "Fuck me !", I spunked my teenage spunk and felt a shudder through both our sweaty bodies

Lynn became a regular visitor. Then one Friday her friend Jackie knocked on my door at the end of her shift, her nipples poking through her blouse ... would you like to hear about that?