Written by CPC MAN

28 Nov 2008

Well if you read my note this morning and the desire I had waiting for the cleaner to see how far she would go.

I put £50 on the worksurface and was stroking my cock when she arrived.

She had a grin from ear to ear when she saw the money on the table, I asked what she was telling the husband about the extra money, She said that she was working extra hours and odd jobs.

As she started to strip off she said you look randy as my cock bulged in my jeans, and as there is more money on the table this week we do I have to do for that. I said don\\\'t worry i will tell you as you clean but I want a minimum of spunking on your tits, she just laughed and started to clean.

As she moved around the house I was always in the way/ doorway etc so she had to push past me and i would stroke her body and she would occasionally squeeze my cock.

I was talking all the time telling her how I had enjoyed the previous week and wanked a couple of times thinking about it. I asked if she had thought about it when her husband was fucking her. She laughed and said he was too lazy to shag and it was months since he had, so I said so what do you do just give him a blow job, no she says I wait for him to be asleep and then play with her clit until she orgasmed.

Well I said we will just have to put that right and went to make the coffee.

When she came into the kitchen i had my trousers off and stood holding my rock hard cock, she imediately went down on her knees and started to wank me, but this time I put my hands behind her head and guided her mouth to my cock and slid it straight in.

She did not argue just took the whole length and proceeded to suck and lick my cock. She slid a hand between my legs and stroked my arse and then slid a finger right up and then a second - god I thought I was going to explode.

With that she stopped sucking my cock, pulled her fingers out , took my hand and said I need fucking and led me to my bedroom.

She laid on the bed and said to lick her clit which I love doing, she was wet and overflowing. It wasn\\\'t long before I stopped, and slid my cock into her soaking wet pussie. I have to be honest and say after about ten deep thrust I shot my lot.

I apologised, she said not to worry we are not in a rush and she then started to play with my balls , suck my cock which was covered with our juices and started fingering my arse again. That really gets me going so was hard again in minutes.

She laid me back and straddled my cock and started a slow movement back and forth in such a position that my cock was rubbing her clit and she rode me until she climaxed.Her juices were flowing and my cock, balls and sheets were covered.

She then climbed off , got on all fours and said just to fuck her hard. Well how could I resist and knowing I had spunked once knew it would be while before I shot my load again. No matter how hard I fucked she wanted more, at my age it is hard to go at the pace some of these women want but I could not let her down.

She put her hand back grabbed my balls and started talking dirty about my lusting after her, what a dirty bastard I was for wanting her naked and wanting to fuck her and did I get pleasure from paying her.

I told her I had wanked over her for ages and that by paying because she was in trouble would be a way of getting into her knickers, she laughed and said just fucking cum up her. With that a final thrust shot hot spunk up her wet cunt.

I was knackered and we lay for a few moments and she said she was going for a shower, I followed and joined her, my hand sliding to her cunt and slipped three fingers deep into her cunt into our mixed juices and spunk and then put them in her mouth - dirty bitch.

We dressed and she said she was looking forward to next week already as it had been such a long time since she had had a good fuck.

She just took £30 of the worksurface same as last week and said no charge for the fuck as she had enjoyed it as much as I had needed it.

As she closed the door said looking forward to next week, winked and left.

That was at 9 - 11 am this morning and here I am writing about it with a stiff cock. Need to do something about it.