31 Aug 2015

I’ve just read a previous posters story and it’s inspired me to write about what we did last night. Some friends of ours came over. We’ve met them before and we are all up for experimenting and pushing the boundaries. We’d chatting about fulfilling things on bucket lists and her fantasy was to be filled by her husband and then for for me to clean her.

Well it went much better than that. After we’d got into some filthy positions Jason indicated that he was ready to give Amanda his load. So he got her in the missionary position and fucked her hard. With a huge groan he shot his cum deep up her fanny. I was motioned to do my duty and to be the sub that they wanted. I hadn’t cum yet so still as horny as fuck and would do anything including cleaning another man’s cum from her fanny. There was a huge drip of spunk running out of her pussy. I said to Mrs N shall I clean up. Of course you must. It would be rude not to she said. It’s what you want.

I haven’t tasted another man’s spunk for quite a while, especially dripping from a pussy. I ran my tongue from down by her arse up to her clit, making sure I got ever drip of salty, cummy, spunky sweet goodness.

I have to say it was absolutely perfect. Her cum was sweet as anything and his spunk was very tasty indeed. I was tempted to lick it all up but thought no, Lets see if Mrs N fancies it too. Much to my suprise she dived in as well and finished off the filthy, kinky task. She was as hungry for cum as I was.

Must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at what she did there, but like me in the heat of a sexy moment will do anything to please. I returned the pleasure by unloading my spunk all over their tits.