Written by cleaningslut

17 Nov 2011

I'm a 50 year sex starved widower, who to earn a few pounds started a evening part time work cleaning offices . Timings are between 6pm to 8pm , 5 days a week . It gets me out and about and i end up meeting people. I do keep my fit, size 14, with a nice pair of tits , 34DD. I've missed the sex nights with my partner and now rely on my 3 vibrators and the odd 1 night stand for my orgasms.

Anyway this all changed 3 weeks ago. One of the evening I as normal knocked and entered one of the rooms in the serviced office block. To my surprise a young lad aged 35 was sitting there, with his trousers down , hand on his erect cock , clearly watching some porn on his pc. He seemed embarrassed I caught him, I just said , 'sorry didn't realize you were in and obviously enjoying yourself, don't stop for my sake.'

I saw his enormous cock and couldn't keep my eyes off it. I moved nearer and saw him watching a lesbian show. His hand was still on hos cock. For some reason seeing a nice hard young cock , got my pussy all tingling and wet. I couldn't resist but to put my hand on hos tool and started to stroke it. Watching Ben, all excited and lovely the feeling, i started to wank him . 'Do you want me to continue ' i asked. 'Yes please' replied. The movements became quicker. He pushed his hand down my vest and started to squeeze my erect nipples. His hands were so soft. My pussy was soaking with juices. I moved hos other hand up my skirt and he started to finger me. I asked him to finger me hard and fast. I rested my bump on his desk , widen my legs and he his second finger in me and sped up. The feeling of his fingers in me got me so horny. I wanted his cock in me.

I straddled myself on his lap and guided his cock in me. He had my vest off and while i was riding him, he began to suck my nipples. I was pushing up and down deep and fast, feeling all his length inside me.

'Fuck me, fuck me' he shouted and i increased my speed further until i could not hold any further and screamed with pleasure as I came all over his hot cock. I continued till he groaned with pleasure and I felt his spunk inside me.

We snogged for a while and as i was running late, quickly got dressed and said good bye and continued the floor with a load of spunk inside me.

That night I used all 3 vibrators on me thinking of the experience. Since then i have fucked several times, mostly in the office. I will be inviting him over this weekend for a weekend of pure sex.